Booking FAQ

So, what kind of music do you host at the Little Grill?

We have booked all kinds of music, though the space has lent itself most prominently to Americana/roots/acoustic music over the past few years. All genres are most certainly welcome at the Grill, but no cover bands, please.

I’m a traveling musician looking for a new place to play. Should I play at the

Awesome! We would love to have you! BUT, unless you know a whole flock of people in Harrisonburg, you’re might no have a great turnout. The Little Grill is set in a college town full of exciting things to do. You may be exciting too, but do you know 40 people who will come share in your excitement at the Grill on a Friday night? If the answer is no, then a better bet might be pairing in with a reliable local act.

What’s in it for me?

When playing a show at the Grill, here’s what we can offer you: a bucket for tips, a free meal, and a boat-load of smiles from the friendly folks who work here at the Grill. Working for a living as an artist ain’t easy – trust us, we know! But we do our best to support art and music here with what we’ve got.

We’re not a club or bar with a high capacity (our is 49), and we’re certainly not shakin’ our patrons down for a lot of dough on Friday nights. However, if you put on a great show, we’re sure you can pull in more than gas money to your next gig – but we’re depending a lot on you. It may not sound like much of a guarantee, but we do the best we can to pack the place in – with your help, of course!

What time does the show start?

All shows take place on Thursday or Friday evenings, starting at 8 or 9PM.

How long do I play?

Play as long as you’ve got a good crowd that wants to listen. Typically, two 45-minute sets, or a solid hour and a half works well.

What kind of promotion do you provide?

We put your name in the local paper, put the event on our online calendar, and hang up whatever flyers you send us. We’re a small collective, so we’re depending on acts we book to be self-promoting, with feeling. In other words, we need your help to get this place hoppin’!

How do I book a show at the Grill?

E-mail is the way of the future! Send us links with your music, and we’ll listen and contact you if we’re interested. Please don’t call – your correspondence is likely to get lost in the whirlwind of the Grill. Don’t call – use our booking form or send an email to

What if I don’t get an email back?

Well… it’s not that you’re not good enough. We turn down lots of great bands that don’t work out because of whatever logistics. Usually, we’re either booked up, or we don’t have any local acts you could open up for. Don’t get discouraged, and try again in the future!

What the Grill really wants from a show:

We love music! We bet you do, too! So what we really, really want, more than anything else, is for everyone to have a great time – you, our patrons, and of course, us folks at the LGC. We’ve got a lot of love for musicians and artists of all types, and just as much love for great audiences.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!!

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