Our menu emphasizes vegetarian and vegan meals but we also offer meat dishes such as our local free range chicken burrito. We make as much as possible from scratch. We offer ethnically inspired foods including Mexican, Mediterranean, and American. We also offer vegan chocolate chip cookies and tasty beers for your enjoyment.

We serve lunch from 11 am – 3 pm from Tuesday through Friday and 12 pm – 3 pm on Saturdays. We do not serve lunch on Sundays!

We strive to be sensitive to our customers needs so let us know if you have any food allergies, and if you have any questions, just ask.

Call us for Take-Out! (540) 434-3594. We use compostible containers or if you like you can bring your own tupperware!


    • Salads

      Dressings: Balsamic Vinaigrette (v), Lemon Tahini (v), or Thousand Island

    • House Salad


      Crisp local organic lettuce mix, carrot, onion, cucumber, tomato, roasted seeds.

    • Sandwiches

      Comes with tortilla chips & pickle or french fries. Substitute mini nachos for $0.89. Substitute side salad for $1.78.

    • Tempeh Reuben


      Grilled tempeh topped with house-made sauerkraut, onion, and swiss. Served with thousand island dressing on rye bread.

    • Hermes


      Falafel, onion, lettuce, tzatziki, lemon tahini dressing, cucumber, wheat sub roll. Can be made vegan without tzatziki

    • Sweet Potato Burger


      Sweet potato, basil, chickpea, and sunflower seeds patty topped with avocado creme, lettuce, onion & roasted red pepper, served on a kaiser roll.

    • Pancakes

      Two pancakes come in a short stack, three in a tall stack. Single pancakes are available for half the price of a short stack. Add chocolate chips, blueberries, walnuts, or bananas for $0.45 per pancake, and for $0.89 on an order of French Toast. Pancakes are served with syrup and local butter. Sugar free syrup available upon request. Real maple syrup is available for $0.89 per ounce.

    • Lemon Poppy Seed

      S: $6.24, T: $9.36

      Made with fresh squeezed lemon juice, poppy seeds, buttermilk, and unbleached white flour.

    • Buttermilk

      S: $5.34, T: $7.35

      Made with unbleached white flour.

    • Blue Monkey

      S: $6.24, T: $9.36

      Made with unbleached white flour, blueberries, and bananas.

    • Local Buckwheat

      S: $5.78, T: $8.67

      Made with Wade's Mill buckwheat, rice flour, agave, Edgewood Farms molasses, almond milk, and flax. We try to make this pancake as gluten-free friendly as possible, but the buckwheat comes from a facility that processes wheat and corn

    • Cinnamon Sourdough French Toast


      Three slices of cinnamon-swirl sourdough bread topped with powdered sugar.

    • Brunch

    • Huevos Rancheros


      Two over-easy eggs topped with veggie chili and cheddar and served with cilantro lime rice, chipotle black beans and two flour tortillas. Sub tofu for no extra charge. Subtract $1.00 for no cheese.

    • Breakfast Burrito


      Local eggs, cheddar, cilantro lime rice, and chipotle black beans wrapped in a flour tortilla and topped with picante. Served with a dollop of sour cream. Sub wheat wrap for $0.25. Sub tofu for no extra charge. Subtract $1.00 for no cheese.

    • Breakfast Grinder


      Scrambled eggs, love burger, local gouda, cream cheese, mushrooms, and onions on a wheat roll. Sub tofu for no extra charge. Subtract $1.00 for no cheese.

    • Seasonal Beth's Favorite


      Two scrambled eggs with cheddar, seasonal veggies, mushrooms, and onions.

    • Dooley


      2 local eggs any style, fried potato cake, and buttermilk wheat biscuit with groovy gravy.

    • Bricker's Son


      Two toads-in-a-hole covered with veggie chili and cheddar served with spiced fried potatoes.

    • Potato Boat


      Spiced fried potatoes, roasted root veggies, mushrooms, and onions covered in local gouda and topped with a dollop of sour cream.

    • Lambert's Platter


      Tofu scrambler, fried potatoes covered in groovy gravy, and vegan soysage served with your choice of side.

    • Appetizers

    • Falafel


      2 crisp falafel balls, lemon tahini dressing, tzatziki

    • Nacho Supreme

      S: $6.68, L: $8.46

      House-made chips, cheddar, veggie chili, lettuce, and avocado creme. Served with your choice of picante,  sour cream, or both for $0.50.

    • Veggie Chili


      Vegan chili topped with melted cheddar. Add chips and sour cream for $1.00.

    • Quesadillas


      Flour tortillas filled with cheddar and picante, topped with avocado creme. Add chipotle black beans and cilantro rice for $1.00. Add local chicken for $5.00.

    • Burritos and Bowls

    • Chicken Burrito


      Local free-range chicken, chipotle black beans, cheddar, and guacamole rolled into a flour tortilla and topped with picante. Served with cilantro-lime rice and a potato roll up with a dollop of sour cream. Sub spiced apple chutney for picante for $1.00.

    • Szechuan Chicken Bowl


      Chilled rice noodles, Napa cabbage, local free-range chicken, Szechuan dressing, carrot, scallions, roasted seeds. Sub tempeh for $1.78 less. *Contains fish sauce and peanuts.*

    • Seasonal Veggie Burrito


      Chipotle black beans, cheddar, cilantro-lime rice, sour cream, & seasonal veggies wrapped in a tortilla, topped with spiced apple chutney, and served with a potato roll up & guacamole.

    • Hungry Mother Bowl


      Local salad greens, chipotle black beans, cilantro-lime rice, grilled seasonal veggies, & spiced apple chutney with avocado creme and served with a potato roll up.

    • Lunch Sides

    • House-made tortilla chips

    • Spiced Apple Chutney

    • Picante

    • Guacamole

    • Local free-range chicken

    • House-made ginger kraut

    • Potato roll-up

    • House-made salad dressing (Vinaigrette (v), Lemon Tahini (v), 1000 Island)

    • Sour cream

    • Vegan cheese

    • Roasted Root Veggies


      Medley of roasted parsnips, turnips, carrots, sweet potato, and white onion