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Love to organize summer backyard barbeque parties with your family and friends? Or you are a keen smoked meat lover who wants to enjoy its unique flavor all year round? Or maybe you are a fan of grilled vegetables, and wish to have a compact kitchen appliance to cook them as a regular dinner dish?

Our website comes to the rescue in case you are searching for a decent grill, smoker, or any BBQ accessory. Our experts are constantly searching for the best market offerings currently available to make your online shopping completely hassle-free.

Our team



Expert Consultant

Claims that grilling is the art that he has been learning all his life long and is not planning to stop. Has been grilling as long as he can remember. Author of numerous online and offline grilling masterclasses, runs his own BBQ accessories shop.




Holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, has a 5-year experience as an editor, and her own lifestyle blog. Often participates in our field tests to plunge deeper into each topic.



Web Producer

Expert in IT and SEO. We would never be able to create, present, and optimize our articles without Ronald. He’s our savior when it comes to any technical difficulties.




Holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics, loves traveling and learning new languages. Fluent in Spanish, is learning French and Czech at the moment. Enjoys exploring national cuisines every time he visits new countries.




Student at New York Film Academy, works as a freelance photographer and dreams of her own studio to be able to work with leading fashion magazines on a regular basis.



Content Manager

Apart from making each of our articles so visually-appealing, Betty loves designing clothes and bags in her free time. Has been successfully collaborating with well-known clothing brands for more than 5 years now.

Why trust us?

In our reviews, we don’t just include all the products we could get our hands on. Each selection is a result of the thorough initial research conducted by our team of professionals.

How do we do it?

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First, we study the peculiarities of the product category. After interviewing a number of experts, reading the relevant information sources, and browsing the net for the customers’ feedback, we decide which features are the most essential ones to consider when choosing a decent model.

We then spend tens of hours analyzing the current market offerings with the best ratings from real buyers. The manufacturers’ product information, verified customers’ reviews, and experts’ comments are all taken into close consideration. As a result, you get a list of the most outstanding models the market has to offer at the moment.

What info do we include in our articles?

On lilgrill.com, you’ll find various article types. In case you don’t know what the market can boast at the moment, not quite sure which product features to look for, or it’s your first buy in this category, check out our multiple products reviews. There, all our team’s findings are included into a structured article comprising of a handy comparison table, in-detail product reviews, and a comprehensive buying guide with all the key features explained. Each article also contains an FAQ section and a summary of our top three choices.

If, however, you’ve already conducted your own initial research, and do know which particular models might be your best bet, read our ‘monoreviews’. For the most popular and reliable products, we make separate, in-detail reviews, containing a list of the most important specifications, in-detail features overview, video review, as well as expert and user scores.

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For those who can’t choose between the two seemingly equally decent models, there are comparison reviews. We take two products with a similar purpose, characteristics, and ratings, and do our best to highlight each one’s advantages and disadvantages for you to make your own, unprejudiced decision.

Consumer feedback

Each of our picks takes its spot on the final list for a reason. In order to decide which models deserve to be put to the test, we carefully study not only its specifications and ratings, but customer feedback as well. Our researchers spend hours reading different kinds of reviews (5-star and 0-star alike) to get the full picture of what to expect from each of the chosen products. It must be also mentioned that we don’t pin faith to each and every review — we detect the obviously (sometimes not that obviously) unnatural reviews using special plug-ins and tools (like Fakespot for Amazon).

Independent testing

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Rest assured that our ratings do not entirely rely on online customer feedback. All the selected products go to our testing team to make sure every unit corresponds to what’s stated in the manufacturer description. We actually test the products, highlighting their pros and cons in order to give each their final, totally unbiased rating. If an initially promising product doesn’t keep up with the expectations, it’s simply not included in our final list.

Expert advice

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You might be wondering how we do our testing, or, more importantly, who does it. Well, the whole review process is monitored by the experts of the industry — professional cooks, BBQ gurus, electricians, avid campers, and even those with experience in the actual manufacturing of grills. These guys do not only test the products and make the final reports (delivered to our authors afterward), but also consult us when we’re selecting the models and writing the articles.

Are we paid by the manufacturers?

Whichever article you choose to explore, rest assured that each is a result of our professional team’s scrupulous analysis. We are not paid by any of the manufacturers.

lilgrill.com is a participant of the Amazon Services Associates Program. It means that we only get advertising fees which do not differ within manufacturers or their particular products. It gives us the freedom to choose the best models based on our own findings, verified customers’ feedback, and expert advice.

Haven’t found something you were looking for?

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Feel free to contact us in case you have a question or suggestion. Haven’t found the product category you were interested in? Wish there was a specific product separate review? Have a question on grill functions, maintenance tips, or safety precautions? Our team of professionals is always ready to help you out.