5 Best 4-Burner Gas Grills to Make a Perfect BBQ for You and Your Big Family

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A 4-burner gas grill may be the best addition to your backyard barbecue equipment. Nevertheless, not all gas grills are the same. Even the fuel type they depend on to function may be different. Options include liquid propane and natural gas burners.

When identifying the best 4-burner gas grill, you have to look at each device individually and see what it has to offer. You can check the fuel type depending on what is more readily available to you. Heating properties are also important due to the kind of food you intend to cook with the device. Consequently, you need to be aware of how high the heat levels can go with each device. The dimensions of the cooking area still need looking into as well what materials form the grate. These factors create a review basis that should tell you whether or not to buy a device and are all factors we have considered in our review of the same.

You would probably appreciate the countless hours the team spent authenticating the features of each product as mentioned in their descriptions both on vendor sites as well as manufacturer ones. The table you get below, as well as the buying guide and product reviews, all stem from in-depth research of the products mentioned and even a lot of those left out. As such, your work when it comes to picking out a model is a walk in the park. Choosing the best 4-burner gas grill has thus never been so easy.

Top Five 4-Burner Gas Grills Review 2021


Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 Editor’s Choice

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners (BTU/h): 48,000
  • Side burner (BTU/h): 12,000
  • Dimensions (inches): 47 H x 65 W x 29 D
  • Weight (lbs): 176
  • Total cooking area (sq in): 844
  • Burner material: stainless steel

Extra features: 9,000 BTU sear station, two side tables, durable all-weather wheels, 7 mm diameter solid stainless-steel rod cooking grates, built-in lid thermometer, grill cabinet, welded tube frame, infinite control burner valves.

Where all-round quality is what you are looking for the Weber 62006001 grill is a performer that you would need to consider. The first thing to note is the GS4 burner system incorporated into this device. These have been known to turn on the burners each time you turn on the control knobs. Also included in the design is a tapered shape to each burner. This should deliver consistency where the flames and heat are concerned. In addition to the above, the heaters need to be protected from grease that drips from the meat. The Weber 62006001 has a system for this that not only keeps the oil away from the flames but also ensures that the flavors can be pushed back to the grill to retain the taste of the food. Nevertheless, there is a grease collection system, and the drip pan is easily removable. As such, keeping your grill clean is easier with this device.

In the design of the device, you have the main burners with a significantly high heat output of 48000 BTU/h. Additionally, there are side burners included that make it easier to cook accompaniments to meat. The heating properties, as compared to the main burners, are significantly reduced. One rather impressive aspect of the device is the incorporated thermometer. With this, you can keep a close eye on food temperatures, but that would also need that you purchase a mobile device that serves as an accompaniment to the grill.

The warming grate should be an ideal addition to the grill. Rather than return food to the grill after it has cooled down, you can place your meals here, and their heat will be kept up as you cook something else. The attachment can also be folded down when not in use. You are also bound to appreciate the fact that you can check your gas levels at any time.

What are its best features?

  • Durable
  • Efficient heating
  • Comes with side burners
  • Easy use control knobs
  • Sear station to add an aesthetic look to your meat
  • Smart thermometer that works with a mobile device
  • Comes with a gauge for checking LP gas levels

What could be improved?

  • Expensive
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RevoAce 4-Burner LP Gas GrillBudget Pick

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners (BTU/h): 48,000
  • Side burner (BTU/h): 12,000
  • Dimensions (inches): 46 H x 24.3 W x 54.4 L
  • Weight (lbs): 63.9
  • Total cooking area (sq in): 660
  • Material: stainless steel

Extra features: Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids, porcelain-coated steel warming rack, Integrated ignition, two side shelves, bottle opener, two wheels, Oval temperature gauge.

Another device that uses LP gas as a source of fuel is the RevoAce 4-Burner gas grill, and this option will cost you slightly above 200 dollars. What you get for that price point is four main burners all providing 12000 BTU/h, and that totals to 48000. Each of these burners is individually adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about keeping all of them on full blast all the time. Where need be, you can purchase the VersiFuel kit that allows you to convert the device to use natural gas as an alternative fuel.

You will also need to monitor the food temperatures to ensure that it doesn’t overcook. As such, the temperature gauge included is such a vital part of the cooker. Additionally, the device consists of a side burner as well. The total area covered by the grill is 660 square inches inclusive of the main grill area as well as the warming area.

Grills generally need to be well maintained, which means cleaning after each use. Given that the cooking grids are made of iron, it may be hard to keep clean and keep rust-free. However, the manufacturer has you covered with the porcelain coating. This should make clean up and overall maintenance a breeze. It also shows an incredible amount of foresight for the device to feature a bottle opener as rarely do you find a barbecue without bottled beverages being served.

Why are we impressed?

  • Affordable
  • Includes wheels for easy movement
  • Can be used with LP gas as well as natural gas.
  • Large burner capacity

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some spares for the device can be hard to locate if you need them

Royal Gourmet Portable Propane Gas GrillBest Portable Grill

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners (BTU/h): 48,000
  • Dimensions (inches): 66 W x 21.8 D x 43.7 H
  • Weight (lbs): 106.6
  • Total cooking area (sq in): 584
  • Material: stainless steel

Extra features: dual cooking surface, two side tables, hooks for placing BBQ tools and a bottle opener, electronic ignition, 360 locking casters, built-in grease channel with removable drip pans

You may want to take your grill with you on a camping trip, and it helps if the device is made to be portable. This particular one is made of stainless steel with wheels so you can quickly move it from place to place while you are on site. It also uses liquid propane as fuel which is expected as no one is carrying natural gas on their camping trip.

The power produced by the burners totals 48000 BTU/h, which is sort of a common theme with these types of grills. A key selling point is the inclusion of side tables that you can use to place the meals you already cooked. Additionally, there are hooks for your tools and a bottle opener for your beers.

The fact that you can fold the frame of the cooker will make this tool fit easier in the trunk of your car.

Why is it special?

  • Foldable
  • Electric ignition
  • Hooks for storage of other grilling tools
  • Easy to clean due to removable drip pans

What are the flaws?

  • The grill doesn’t do an outstanding job of retaining heat

Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid GrillBest Hybrid Grill

  • Fuel type: liquid propane and charcoal
  • Main burners (BTU/h): 44, 000
  • Side burner (BTU/h): 12,000
  • Dimensions (inches): 23.9 D x 61 W x 46.2 H
  • Weight (lbs): 132.3
  • Total cooking area (sq in): 710
  • Material: stainless steel

Extra features: porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates, converts from a gas grill to charcoal grill without tools, Engineered Charcoal Tray

At about 500 dollars, this is one of those devices that will cost you a pretty penny. However, the features and quality you get might be well worth the price. This is probably the first device on our lineup that allows users to take their pick of fuel from either LP gas or charcoal. The central cooker will fit about 24 burgers so you can serve as many people as possible in a single session.

Another positive that could accrue from buying this device is the ease of maintenance. The iron grates provide good heat conductive properties which are necessary for cooking the meat, but they do get dirty. It would be impossible to keep the rust away from the device if it wasn’t for the inclusion of the porcelain coating on the grate. Overall this would be a substantial investment for your back yard.

What are its best features?

  • Easy to clean
  • You have the option of using charcoal as well as LP gas
  • Large cooking area inclusive of side burners

What could be improved?

  • Some users have mentioned that the device may be hard to put together after purchase
  • The charcoal tray maybe a little too close to the grate hence some may argue that there is not enough space between the charcoal and the meat for it to cook properly

Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 Best Low Heat Grill

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners (BTU/h): 32,000
  • Side burner (BTU/h): 13,000
  • Dimensions (inches): 48 H x 57 W x 24 D
  • Weight (lbs): 162.9
  • Total cooking area (sq in): 725
  • Burner material: stainless steel


Extra features: TRU-Infrared cooking system, Surefire Electronic ignition, Enclosed Storage Cabinet, durable porcelain-coated cast-iron grates, Dual Fuel and Lid-Mounted Temperature Gauge

If you have no need for a lot of power in your grill, then this tool would be ideal. The main burners provide about 3200 BTU/h but only on the middle section of the grill. The side burners max out at 1300 BTU, which is the highest value thus far. Among the reasons that you would want to purchase this cooker is the TRU-Infrared cooking system that is generally powered by liquid propane. As a bonus, you could buy the natural gas conversion kit and just as the name suggests it converts liquid propane into natural gas. This makes this particular device the best natural gas 4-burner grill.

Also of the four burners that come with the device, you can expect them to turn on at every turn of the knob. There is also the temperature gauge that helps determine whether food has been cooked right or not. It is mounted on the top lid of the cooker. After you cook the food, you can then safely store it in the cabinet under the burners.

What makes it special?

  • Electric ignition system
  • Infrared heating
  • Includes a side burner
  • Capable of converting liquid propane to natural gas

What cons did we find?

  • Comes with extra expenses of having to buy the natural gas conversion kit
  • Main burners do not provide that much heat as compared to other products on the list
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Things to Consider

Choosing the best 4-burner gas grill is not an easy task. There are plenty of different options when it comes to grill models, sizes, construction and heat value. Our comprehensive Buying Guide will cover everything you have to know about 4-burner gas grills and answer some of the questions you might have if you are a first-time buyer.

Advantages of 4-burner gas grills

Choosing a 4-burner gas grill may result in a few unexpected benefits. The first of which is the fast start-up and heat time. This means you can get started and finish quicker on your meals. Another one is that they are easier to control. You can maintain the temperature at a simmer or bring it to searing heat and all at the turn of a knob. This is contrary to the case with charcoal as you have little to no control over the overall temperature of the grill. Finally, once you turn everything off, it cools in no more than a few minutes, thereby preventing burn accidents.

Features to consider when choosing a 4-burner gas grill

Just before you go shopping, you should have an image of the ideal outcome. What is it you want your burner to be able to do? This information is vital if you are going to have delivered to your doorstep a product that you love. Some of the features you need to know about are mentioned below.

How much heat can the grill create?

BTU or British thermal unit to be exact is the unit used to measure heat. As such, the higher the BTU value, the better. Devices like the RevoAce 4-Burner LP Gas Grill produce 48000 BTU on the central cooker which is the combined heat produced by four burners. Remember, you can always adjust this down according to your needs. Don’t let these values get below 30000 BTU as that would mean you spend longer periods cooking.

The size of the grill

5 Best 4-Burner Gas Grills to Make a Perfect BBQ for You and Your Big FamilyGrills are often used for cooking for multiple people at the same time. As such most people cannot afford to buy a small grill if they want to use it even for social gatherings. However, this is not a rule. If you would best be served by a small grill, there is no reason not to buy it. Currently, the smallest option we have on our list is the Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill which can fit at least 24 burgers.

The construction of the grill

What are the components that make up the body of the grill? Common materials used in the making of gas grills are stainless steel and cast iron. Often you find a combination of both with the former making up the body of the device while the cast iron makes up the grates. There are also elements of porcelain coating so the iron components don’t end up rusting. Also, what is the style of construction? Does the grill have a side burner and storage compartments? These aspects may be necessary for some individuals and not so much to others. The trick is to figure out which construction components would help you the most and look for them in every viable purchase option.

What accessories does the grill have?

Some grills have wheels that help move them around. Others have cabinets for storage while you are cooking. Nevertheless, most 4-burner gas grills with side burners don’t come with many accessories.

Propane is a better option when it comes to fuel efficiency. Nevertheless, when it comes to the environmental factors, both options are just as clean so long as they are burned before being released into the air.

This depends on the tank size you are using as well as how you use the device. If you have it on full blast the whole time, then the fuel will be exhausted quickly. However, trying to be economical may also have you spending long hours cooking.

For the most part, using a gas grill is safe, especially if you follow the rules of engagement. However, accidents can happen from time to time. If you always ensure your grill is in good working condition, then you have nothing to worry about. This entails cleaning the devices and ensuring none of the airways are clogged or leaking. Next, you need to ensure you attach your gas tank properly. As a final measure, try to keep heat from accumulating around your propane tank, and you are good to go.

Our Verdict

Royal Gourmet Portable is a 4-burner Gas Grill under $500 that gives a few reasons why you should buy it. For starters, it is one of the few affordable options on our list. The most compelling reason, however, is portability. You can have a barbecue at your house and even if your friend has such an event you can loan out the device to them. It is rather easy to pack and unpack and also to fit in your car. At that price point, this might represent the best value for a 4-burner gas grill.

The Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 has everything you would ever want in such a device. It is easy to start and control the flames as all you need to do is twist a knob. You can measure temperature and have it relayed to a mobile device. Perhaps our favorite aspect is the fact that you can check your gas levels, so an empty tank never catches you unaware.

As a budget pick, you should choose the RevoAce 4-Burner LP Gas Grill with Side Burner. The price shouldn’t have you doubting the authenticity of the tool. It still operates as an all-round gas burner that performs well in just about all areas you need it to. Start planning your barbecue events. However, before that, get yourself a 4-burner gas grill.

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