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One of the most important things to keep in mind when you’re grilling or smoking meat is that internal temperature matters. It’s really the only way to make sure your meat is properly cooked to a safe temperature without being overdone. The best Bluetooth meat thermometer makes it really easy to monitor temperature remotely. You can keep an eye on things right on your cell phone without having to sit right next to the grill.

When putting together this review, we considered a few important features. First, the Bluetooth range. The major benefit of using one of these thermometers is that you can walk away from the grill which only works if the Bluetooth range is far enough. Each of these thermometers uses a different app for monitoring and controlling the settings. Some of them are loaded with great features, but the important thing is whether or not they’re easy to use. Most of these devices have cabled monitor probes. The longer the probe, the easier the device is to set up. Finally, we considered temperature range, too. The wider the range, the more versatile the product.

We did hours of research looking at information from manufacturers as well as comments and reviews from experts as well as the people who use these items every day in order to put together a great list of products. First, there’s a table where you can compare all of our picks side by side. After that, you’ll come to in-depth reviews of each product followed by a detailed buying guide that aims to answer all of your questions about finding the best Bluetooth meat thermometer.

Top 7 Bluetooth Meat Thermometers Review 2022


MEATER+ Long Range Smart Wireless Meat ThermometerBest Wireless Bluetooth Thermometer

  • Probes: up to 4
  • Probe range: up to 527°F
  • Cable range: n/a
  • Cable length: n/a
  • Remote range: up to 165 ft
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: Guided Cook System, MEATER Link WiFi and the MEATER Cloud for Alexa

The MEATER+ 2 is the only 100% wire-free thermometer we included in our list. Since there are no probe cables to worry about, positioning different types of meat on your grill is really easy. Just sync it with the free smartphone app and monitor your food from up to 165 feet away. That’s not all, some users reported that it’s even effective through walls.

This is the best dual-probe Bluetooth meat thermometer we found. The probe has two sensors that monitor both the internal meat temperature up to 212 degrees F as well as the external temperature up to 527 degrees F at the same time. Although there is only one probe included, the app can actually support four probes at once so you can monitor everything that your cooking to make sure both the chicken and steak reach the proper temperatures.

The app includes a lot of awesome features including a guided cook system that helps you every step of the way, and an advanced estimator algorithm that figures out how to long to cook your food. That’s not all, it’s even compatible with Alexa.

Although most users felt the range delivered as promised, there were a few users who commented that it didn’t work as expected. Other people reported that the ambient temperature sensor was inaccurate.

What makes it stand out?

  • Completely wire-free
  • The probe monitors internal meat temperature and ambient temperature at the same time
  • App supports up to four probes
  • App includes features like advanced estimator algorithm

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Few users commented that range wasn’t as promised
  • Ambient temperature sensor can be inaccurate
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Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer Best Bluetooth Thermometer for Smoking Meat

  • Probe: up to 6
  • Probe range: 32°F to 572°F
  • Cable range: up to 716°F
  • Cable length: 47”
  • Remote range: up to 100 ft – indoor, 196 ft – outdoor
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: magnetic on back function, supports iOS and Android, preset temperatures and cooking levels for 11 kinds of food recommended by USDA

When grilling or cooking meat, many people underestimate the importance of monitoring the level of heat. Some monitor the heat using poor gear, while others completely disregard it. However, the heat level can be the difference between well-cooked food or a disaster. Regardless of your cooking skill level, you can always do with a reliable thermometer, and the Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer is an excellent model that has a lot to offer.

First of all, right out of the box, it is clear that this isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill model. It comes with a modern, minimalist design , a transmitter module, and color-coded sensor probes. You can track the temperature of your food via the LCD screen.

Using the Bluetooth technology, you can connect the thermometer to your phone and take real time measurements. Furthermore, there is an app that offers you a plethora of smoking programs , grilling drills, and cooking programs. Therefore, it can even make you a better cook.  The Bluetooth range is around 100 yards.

This thermometer is sturdy and can measure temperatures of up to 572 Fahrenheit without damage. In fact, it can stand up to more than 700 degrees of heat without damage. This makes it a highly versatile and durable model that you can use in different situations. Another notable feature of the Soraken Wireless Meat Thermometer is the compact design. Because of this design, it can fit almost anywhere that you want.

Recommended by the USDA, this is certainly one of the best options on the market today.

What makes it special?

  • Durable
  • Large temperature range
  • Several grilling programs
  • Backlit LCD

What cons did we find?

  • Average Bluetooth range
  • Probes: 4
  • Probe range: 32°F to 572°F (0°C to 300°C)
  • Cable range: not specified
  • Cable length: not specified
  • Remote range: up to 495 ft
  • Warranty: 3-year

Other features: color coated probes, oven-safe, multi-functional APP, backlit display

This is the giant thermometer brand, ThermoPro’s newest release. It is packed with features that make it super easy and convenient to use, allowing you to achieve the best meat recipes or correct preservation.

The thermometer has an extended 495ft Bluetooth chip that provides the most reliable connection. You can monitor your barbecue’s progress while entertaining your guests up to 495ft away once it is connected to your phone or tablet.

All you have to do is download an app on your phone on which you will be able to set the correct temperature for different kinds of meats. The thermometer is also oven-safe, and you can use the app to achieve different levels of doneness with your meats, as well as the perfect texture and taste.

Another exciting feature is the advanced cook time estimator and pre-alarm that calculates the time left for your meat to cook to your desired temperature then alarms you. This helps you prepare yourself to serve or get the next round of meats on the grill, saving time.

Moreover, you can monitor different types of meats simultaneously without any confusion, thanks to the 4 color coated probes.

With a 3-year warranty, this is hands down the best advanced thermometer you can get for monitoring your meats. It is hard to match its multi-functional app and versatility as you can use it both in the oven and on the grill.

What makes it special?

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Oven-safe
  • 4-color coated robes that prevent confusion
  • 3-year warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Nor found

Inkbird IBT-4XSBest Rechargeable Battery

  • Probes: 4
  • Probe range: 32°F to ~ 572°F
  • Cable range: not specified
  • Cable length: 59″
  • Remote range: up to 150 ft
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: comes with a built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a USB charging cable, ±2°F (±1°C) accuracy

The Inkbird IBT-4XS has one of the most streamlined, simple designs around. It includes four temperature probes with long wires and clips to make it easier to position the food on your grill without anything getting in the way.

Download the app and pair it to your smartphone and you can monitor the cooking temperature from as far away as 150 feet. You can also mount the device to your grill or smoker using the magnetic design so it’s easy to view when you’re close by. Plus, you can change the orientation of the screen so it’s convenient for you. Do you need the cables coming from the top or the side? Just change the way the display is oriented and you can set it up any way you want. While being able to attach the base to your grill is a great feature, be sure to keep it away from high heat areas as it can only tolerate temperatures up to 176 degrees F.

This product comes with a 1-year warranty and includes a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. You get about 60 hours of runtime when it’s fully charged and the USB charging cable is included. You can also monitor the battery’s status through the app.

One thing to keep in mind is that these probes are only designed to continuously monitor up to 482 degrees F which wasn’t high enough for some users. Other users found the temperature alerts to be too intrusive and loud with no way to really change the volume.

What do we love it for?

  • Long probe wires
  • Mountable magnetic design
  • Can change the orientation of the screen
  • 1-year warranty
  • Rechargeable battery

What were we disappointed with?

  • Thermometer base can only withstand temperatures of 176 degrees F
  • Maximum temperature for continuous monitoring is 482 degrees F
  • Alarms are very loud
  • Probe: up to 6
  • Probe range: up to 482°F
  • Cable range: up to 716°F
  • Cable length: 32″
  • Remote range: 200 ft outdoor and 100 ft indoor
  • Warranty: 30-day return policy

More features: iOS or Android WiFi mobile app

Another great choice for best WiFi Bluetooth smoker meat thermometer is the NutriChef Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer. The probes tolerate temperatures up to 482 degrees F and the wires 716 degrees F. Plus because the wires are 32 inches long, there’s plenty of length to work with so you can keep the base a safe distance away from the heat.

This thermometer features an outdoor range of 200 feet while the range indoors is 100 feet. As long as you stay within range, you’ll receive a push notification and a sound alarm right on your smartphone when your food reaches the preset temperature. You can choose your own or use one of the professional saved settings included on the app.

The digital temperature display LCD features large, backlit numbers that are easy to read and the adjustable stand lets you set the base unit up right where you need to for easy viewing or to maximize connectivity. Plus, the digital display cycles between readings for all probes so anyone keeping an eye on the grill can help, even if their smartphone isn’t connected to the base.

A few users commented that the range wasn’t as far as expected and that the probes could be inaccurate after a few uses. There were also several comments that customer service isn’t very helpful. Most people liked the sturdy construction and the fact that it was really easy to use.

What are our favorite features?

  • Push notifications when meat reaches the right temperature
  • App includes presets for different kinds of meat
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to use

What could be better?

  • Range isn’t as expected
  • Probes can become inaccurate over time
  • Poor customer service
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Weber iGrill 2Editor’s Choice

  • Probes: up to 4
  • Probe range: -22°F (-30°C) to 572°F (300°C)
  • Cable range: up to 716°F
  • Cable length: 48″
  • Remote range: 150 ft
  • Warranty: 2-year

More features: food and grill temperature alert, favorite temperature presets, 200-hour battery life, Weber iGrill app

Our Editor’s Choice is the Weber iGrill 2. It features an easy-to-read LED display and Bluetooth connectivity that syncs directly to your smartphone. Probes measure temperatures from -22 to 572 degrees F and are heat resistant up to 716 degrees F.

This thermometer has a four-probe capacity and comes with two probes to get you started. The 200-hour battery life is pretty impressive, and they even include a pair of AAs to get started. It also has intelligent auto-off capabilities if the probe is on but the unit isn’t synced to your smartphone, it turns itself off after eight hours. If there’s no probe connection, it turns itself off after five hours. There’s also a sleep mode that kicks in when your smart device is out of range of the transmitter to preserve battery life.

Sync the probes to your smartphone using the iGrill app. It has a ton of useful features to make sure you get perfect results, no matter what you’re cooking. It includes an extensive temperature library with presets for various cuts of meat and fish, time and temperature graphing, and multiple times settings, as well as many other awesome features. An alarm sounds when your meat reaches the preset temperature so your steaks will never be overdone again.

Some users commented that they had some trouble with the Bluetooth connection, that it was either unreliable or the range was too short. There were also a few complaints that the temperature probes were inaccurate, though this was not a common complaint.

Why did it make our list?

  • Easy-to-read LED display
  • Uses up to four probes at once
  • 200-hour battery life
  • AA batteries included
  • Intelligent auto shut-off and sleep mode to preserve battery life

What is not ideal about it?

  • Bluetooth connection unreliable
  • Range too short
  • Probes occasionally inaccurate
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iChef BT-600Best Extended Range Signal

  • Probes: 4
  • Probe range: 32°F to 572°F
  • Cable range: 572°F
  • Cable length: 36″
  • Remote range: up to 300 ft
  • Warranty: 1-year limited

More features: 15 presets and 4 doneness settings, customizable, INSTA-SYNC technology

Another great choice is the iChef BT-600. The best thing about this thermometer is it was designed to work at an extended range – up to 300 feet! It’s compatible with most smartphones and allows you to entertain your guests while still keeping an eye on the grill or smoker.

This thermometer syncs to your phone using a free app that’s loaded with great features. There are 15 preset temperatures in all including setting for common foods like beef and chicken as well as game meats like duck, rabbit, deer, and elk. Plus, you can choose from four doneness settings, too, from rare to well done. Your phone receives automatic alerts when the food reaches the desired temperature and there’s an out-of-range alert that signals if you’re outside of the 300-foot range for more than a minute.

Two stainless steel probes are included but the device can accommodate up to four probes at once. Each is capable of monitoring temperatures up to 572 degrees. The transmitter is water-resistant so you can leave it outside if it starts to rain and monitor your food from inside where it’s warm and dry. You also get two grill clips to help get proper placement for better accuracy.

A few users had complaints about the range and Bluetooth connectivity while others weren’t happy with the accuracy of the temperature probes though these complaints weren’t common.

What makes it stand out?

  • Extended 300-foot range
  • Audio alert when phone out of range
  • Water resistant
  • 15 presets for cooking a wide range of meat in app

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Few complaints about the range and connection reliability
  • Probes occasionally inaccurate

Things to Consider

Monitoring the temperature of the meat you’re cooking or smoking is really important. Too cold and it’s not safe to eat, too hot and it’s overdone and doesn’t taste as good as it should. A Bluetooth meat thermometer is an easy way to do it.

Why do you need a thermometer while cooking meat? And why choose a Bluetooth one?

Eating meat that isn’t thoroughly cooked can be dangerous. While most people know that underdone chicken is a surefire way to get sick, every kind of meat has a recommended internal safety temperature. The only surefire way to monitor this is with a thermometer.

If you use a regular meat thermometer, you have to sit by the grill and constantly monitor the progress. That’s tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have guests. A Bluetooth thermometer is a perfect solution because the temperature is constantly being monitored but you don’t have to keep as close an eye on it. These thermometers alert you on your smartphone when the preset temperature has been reached.

Features to consider while choosing a Bluetooth meat thermometer

Here are some of the main features to keep in mind when shopping for a Bluetooth meat thermometer.

Probes and their temperature range

These thermometers can monitor more than one piece of meat at a time. Some of these products, like the Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, come with six different probes. Some of our other picks work with four or six probes but only include two to get you started.

Temperature range is important for a few reasons. First, make sure the thermometer you choose can accurately monitor the temperature of whatever it is you want to cook or smoke. This is particularly important when it comes to cold smoking and you need a lower temperature. Another thing to remember is that the probe should be able to withstand some pretty high temperatures.

The cooking surface is going to be much, much hotter than the inside of the meat, so make sure your thermometer is up to the challenge.

Wire length and temperature range

Most of these probes have cables that plug into the main thermometer base. The longer the cable, the easier it will be to arrange the meat on your grill. That’s not all, some of the base units aren’t as durable when it comes to heat so it helps to keep them as far away from the grill or smoker as possible. Long wires allow you to do that. In fact, one of our picks, the MEATER+ 2 Unit Bundle, is completely wireless so you don’t have to worry about it at all.


Obviously, accuracy is important. After all, the whole point of using one of these thermometers is to make sure your food is the right temperature so that it’s safe to eat. That said, a lot of these probes lost their effectiveness over time. Luckily, there are some brands that will replace the probes if the malfunction.

Bluetooth range and an app available

Whether you have an iPhone or are looking for the best Android Bluetooth meat thermometer, the app is important. The iChef BT-600, for example, has extensive presets for things like moose, rabbit, and deer that are hard to find. The Weber iGrill 2 also has an extensive library and time and temperature graphing.

7 Most Accurate Bluetooth Meat Thermometers – Make Your Meal Perfection
Bluetooth range is really important, too. You definitely don’t want something that only allows you to walk a few feet from your grill!

Most of these products have pretty decent range, but keep in mind that walls, trees, fences, and bushes can interrupt the signal.

Ease of use

Most of these products are pretty easy to use. Some of these products even include clips to keep the probes in place and a set of claws to shred large amounts of meat, fast. The Inkbird IBT-4XS even has a digital display that rotates so you can set it up any direction you want.

Generally, all you have to do is download the app, turn on the thermometer, and sync them together. Most allow you to control the settings from the thermometer or the app, though this isn’t always the case.

Water-resistant construction

Not all of these probes are water-resistant but if you spend a lot of time grilling outside, you might want to consider one. Imagine you have food on the grill and it starts pouring down with rain. With a water-resistant Bluetooth thermometer, you can leave the food on the grill and run for shelter. Instead of having to run out to the grill to check on the food, you can wait until your phone alerts you that it’s done before heading out in the rain.


Warranties vary from product to product but there are a few that provide pretty good coverage. The main thing to remember about any warranty is they only apply if the product was used appropriately. So, if your thermometer isn’t water-resistant and you leave it out in the rain, it’s unlikely the warranty will be of much help. Read the warranty information carefully, no matter which product you choose.

How to set up a thermometer and where to place probes

Set up varies a bit from one product to another but the idea is generally the same. The thermometer has to sync to the phone before it will work appropriately. Then, select the temperature setting you need. Most of these products let you set your own temperature or choose from a menu of presets depending on what you’re cooking. As for probe placement, the tip of the probe should be placed into the center of the thickest part of the meat. That’s the part that takes the longest amount of time to cook so when it’s ready, you know the rest of the piece is, too.



Here are some quick tips to make sure you get the most out of your Bluetooth meat thermometer:

  1. Remember that Bluetooth can be unreliable. Anything that comes between your phone and the thermometer can interfere in the signal so it’s perhaps a little unfair to expect to get a good signal if there are a lot of obstacles in the way of you and the grill. For the best results, keep the path as clear as possible.
  2. Turning off other Bluetooth devices in the immediate area can also help with connectivity issues.
  3. Check the accuracy of your thermometer before you use it for the first time and again every few uses.
  4. To clean the probes, wipe it down with a paper towel or damp cloth. Don’t submerge the probe as it can damage it. Wipe down the cords, too, and store them neatly. Keep the cords slightly loose to about crimps and kinks.


These thermometers vary a lot in price. You can expect to pay anywhere from around $60 to $200. Typically, the more high-tech the thermometer is, the more it costs. That said, we included a lot of really affordable options on our list that perform just as well as the more expensive options. They just don’t have as many bells and whistles.


It’s important to check the accuracy of your probes before you start cooking. An easy way to do this is to place the end of the probe into a glass of ice water. Don’t submerge it. It should read right around freezing, maybe a degree or two more. Probes do wear out over time so it’s a good idea to check accuracy every few uses.

Probes simply plug into jacks on the side of the thermometer base unit. Some come with enough probes to fill every jack but most only give you two probes to start with so chances are you’ll need to get additional probes anyway. Remember that the probes will lose accuracy over time so it’s probably a good idea to get extra probes from the company that makes your thermometer right away. That way, you’ll have enough to fill every port or you can save them when one of the original ports needs replacing.

Wipe the probes clean with a paper towel. You can use a damp one if needed but it’s really important not to submerge the probes in water to avoid damaging them. As for the thermometer itself, wipe clean with a dry cloth as needed or use a damp cloth if it’s really messy. Again, don’t place the unit in water, even if its water resistant.

These thermometers can’t actually be calibrated. That’s why it’s so important to check accuracy. If you do the ice water test and find that you’re getting a reading of 40 degrees F, it’s your call whether you want to use it or not. It’s not completely accurate but it’s probably only a few degrees off. If you get a reading that’s completely wrong, say it’s reading the temperature of ice water at 60 degrees F, your best bet is to replace the probe.

Our Verdict

Our Editor’s Choice is the Weber iGrill 2. Not only does it have astounding 200-hour battery life but it also uses an app that’s loaded with awesome features. Whether you’re grilling chicken, beef, or fish, the extensive library of preset cooking temperatures makes it easy to get the perfect doneness, every time.

The Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer is our next pick. Six color-coded probes are ideal for cooking multiple types of meat at once. The app has 11 different temperature presets or you can choose your own settings. That’s not all, you also get a great pair of shredding claws and clip-on probe holder for convenience.

Finally, we recommend the MEATER+ 2 Unit Bundle, especially if you’re looking for a thermometer that’s completely wireless. The dual-sensor probes monitor both the internal and ambient temperatures and the system is even compatible with your Alexa device.

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