10 Best Burger Presses – Make Delicious Patties with Ease!

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Are you a big foodie who enjoys whipping up your own perfect snacks? You surely fantasized about making the perfectly rounded burger patty before. We understand that many people have trouble handling ground meat, but don’t you worry because we have a collection of the best burger presses on this list. These versatile and handy tools help you achieve the perfect burger patties to soothe your cravings. You can use them for the best-shaped burger patties to make the classic American hamburgers, a char-grilled and even goodness filled with cheese.

To prepare the perfect list for you, we focused on all possible features from the size, material to some unique aspects. You need to buy the burger press of the correct size so that your patties don’t turn out too big or too small. You should also consider the material and durability as well as non-stick coating. Continue reading, and you will learn everything about the best burger presses.

Top 10 Burger Presses Review 2021


Weston Burger Express Hamburger PressEditor's Choice

  • Size: 4-1/2” patty diameter, 1/4″ to 1-1/2″ thickness
  • Material: non-stick cast aluminum
  • Spring plunger button allows to adjust thickness
  • Great for beef, venison, and other wild game

More features: suitable for burgers, crab cakes and sausage patties, quick patty removal

One of our top favorites is the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press. This is a high-quality product made with non-stick cast aluminum.

It landed on our list of the best burger presses because of its user-friendly design. It allows you to make not just perfectly packed hamburger patties, but it is also great for making crab cakes, sausage patties, and stuffed burgers. The unique feature of this particular pick is the spring plunger button. You can press it to reduce the size of the patty, while also adjusting the thickness. The spring plunger then pops back for quick patty removal, which is another outstanding feature of this burger press.

With the of 4-1/2″ diameter, 1/4″ to 1-1/2″ thickness, you can make big or small-sized perfectly rounded, rich burger patties. The tool is great for not just beef, but also venison and other wild game. Also, the non-stick coating allows for quick and easy cleanup, and the heavy-duty cast aluminum construction allows you to make perfect burgers consistently so that they don’t crumble and cook evenly. Unfortunately, it does not come with any extra items in the package.

Why is it special?

  • Spring plunger allows easy and quick removal
  • You can adjust the size of the patty
  • Can shape multiple types of patties

What are the flaws?

  • No extra accessories included

MiiKO Stuffed Burger PressBest Value

  • Size: 5” x 5” x 2.4”
  • Material: thick non-stick plastic
  • Allows to create 3 unique burger types
  • Comes with 20 paper disks

More features: dishwasher-safe, easy to use and clean, comes with recipe E-book

If you are looking for an affordable burger press that can create a variety of patties, look no further than the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press. This three-in-one tool allows you to make three unique varieties of perfectly shaped burger patties. If you are feeling creative, this high-quality utensil helps you make a delicious stuffed burger patty with your choice of flavors and fillings. You can also use the handy slider utensil it comes with to create perfectly shaped party sliders and impress your friends with your skills in the kitchen. You can even keep it simple for a regular day’s cravings and opt for the traditional hamburger, with a 100% full meat patty.

With 5” x 5” x 2.4” dimensions, this burger press makes patties of a decent size. Its thick, non-stick plastic material is dishwasher-friendly, easy to use, and clean. It allows you to avoid creating a mess with the 20 free wax paper disks that also save the patties from sticking to the surface. You get a free eBook with the product, which offers you 20 sumptuous recipes that are easy to make. The recipes include healthy veggie burgers as well as some classic stuffed burgers. However, you cannot adjust the size of the patty with this tool.

What are our favorite features?

  • 3-in-1
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Free slider utensil

What could be better?

  • Cannot adjust patty size

BBQ-Aid Burger PressPremium Pick

  • Size: 5.43” x 5.39” x 3.7”
  • Material: 18/10 stainless steel bottom and heavy-duty porcelain top
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Promotes even cooking

More features: return guarantee, ensures professional results

If you are searching for perfection, the BBQ-Aid burger press allows you to cook the best burger patties you can imagine, by grooving the patty on both sides for even cooking. The consistency of this simple tool is particularly outstanding because you can make delicious tasting burger patties every single time! The product is made of heavy-duty, high-quality 18/10 stainless steel for the bottom and heavy-duty porcelain for the top that lets you sink and press it down with ease. The high-quality construction ensures durability and helps your appliance stand out from the crowd. The 5.43” x 5.39” x 3.7” internal dimensions allow you to make good-sized burger patties, fit to give you professional results, and ease your craving for a classic American hamburger at home, saving you the effort of finding a good burger joint.

This product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee because it ensures professional results and provides a refund in case of any complaints. This tool doesn’t allow cooking varieties but offers the best homemade burgers.

What makes it stand out?

  • Ensures even cooking on both sides
  • Easy to use
  • Durable heavy-duty material

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Not that versatile

GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger PressBest Multi-Purpose

  • Size: 4.3″ diameter, 0.8″ deep
  • Material: non-stick cast aluminum, plastic handle
  • Comes with 100 wax patty papers
  • Detachable solid plastic handle

More features: can be used as a roast plate and heated on the fire directly

For those who want their burgers with perfect thickness and round shape, the GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press with its non-stick, food-grade aluminum die-cast, allows you to cook whatever goodness you are craving, at any hour of the day or night. This burger press comes with 100 free parchment papers that make releasing the burger from the press a breeze. The unique selling point of this pick is that it does not only allow you to whip up the perfect burger patties, but you can also use it for BBQ, making this a valuable purchase for both personal use and a friendly Sunday party with friends. Moreover, you can also use it as a roast plate, allowing you to heat the aluminum body on fire directly, making it more than mold. The inside dimensions of 4.3″ diameter, 0.8″ depth make perfectly round patties from small burgers.

Our favorite thing about this burger press is the detachable solid plastic handle. The handle allows you to save storage space when going out for a picnic or outdoor BBQ and allows for safe and easy cooking. The small dimension, however, cannot make big patties for larger burgers.

What makes it special?

  • Non-stick surface and free parchment paper for easy release
  • Can be used for BBQ as well as a roast plate
  • Comes with 100 wax papers

What cons did we find?

  • Cannot make big patties

Evelots Bacon and Hamburger PressBest for Outdoor Use

  • Size: 7” diameter, 2.5” height, 6” handle
  • Material: cast iron, wooden handle
  • Can be used for sausage, ham, hamburger, hash browns, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas and more
  • Excellent for camping

More features: heavy-duty design, 30-day return period

The Evelots Bacon and Hamburger Press, with inside dimensions of 7″ diameter, 2.5″ height, allows you to get perfectly shaped, full-sized hamburger patties. You can adjust the thickness of your patties according to your requirements. On top of that, this heavy-duty patty press allows you to cook bacon evenly and perfectly, with no risk of curling on the sides. Get your bacon crispy, just the way you want, in less time than any other product! The 6-inch high smooth wooden handle on the lid of the iron cast base remains cool to the touch, making this an easy and safe to handle the appliance. You can use this product not just at home, but for restaurants as well.

It not just a great hamburger press but also a useful and handy tool for cooking sausages, hash browns, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and other flavorful meals.

The unique selling point of this burger press is that it is the most outdoor-friendly product, proving to be an excellent choice for camping trips! Also, it comes with a 30-day return warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Just keep in mind that this product is not dishwasher-safe.

What are its best features?

  • Quick-cooking and time-saving option
  • Can cook a variety of meals
  • Best for indoor and outdoor use

What could be improved?

  • Not dishwasher-safe

Kitchen RMore Double Burger PressBest for Vegetable Patties

  • Size: 11.65” x 5.12” x 3.78”
  • Material: non-stick cast aluminum
  • Fits two patties per time
  • Comes with 40 patty papers

More features: recipe E-book and meatball/kabob maker included

The Kitchen RMore Double Burger Press is a one-in-a-million product for you if you want to throw big and frequent parties for your friends and family. It is a kitchen wonder that lets you prepare delicious burger patties and kabobs in no time at all! The commercial-quality doublewide hamburger mold lets you shape two beef patties at once, ensuring that you can eat with a partner without one of you having to eat a cold burger. It comes with 40 free parchment papers to get non-sticky perfect patties every time. The inner dimensions of this non-stick aluminum cast burger press measure 11.65” x 5.12” x 3.78”, which make perfectly thick and juicy hamburgers.

The three cooking modes allow you to fulfill your cravings for your favorite meat, with the ground beef kabob maker, and a useful meatball shaper. The non-stick Kitchen RMore double burger patty press is easy to clean, which means that you don’t have to worry about intensive cleanup. You can cook stuffed patties, with cheese in the middle, and even if the cheese leaks, you can rest assured you don’t have to put in much elbow grease. Furthermore, the burger press is tough and built to last. The good news for vegetarians is that you can use it to make vegetable patties as well! As for the drawbacks, this product is not dishwasher-friendly.

Why are we impressed?

  • Makes two patties at once
  • Includes kabob and meatball maker
  • Easy to clean

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not dishwasher friendly

QiaoLLC Burger PressBest 3-in-1 Product

  • Size: 5.2” x 5” x 2.5”
  • Material: non-stick plastic
  • 3-in-1 burger press
  • Perfect for beef, black bean, salmon hamburgers

More features: three-month refund and one-year free exchange, dishwasher-safe

This wonderful burger press from QiaoLLC allows you to make fresh hamburgers, including black bean hamburgers, beef hamburgers, and even hamburgers with a salmon patty. This product is made of high-quality, top-grade plastic material and contains no harmful substances. Also, its non-stick plastic is strong and durable, making it a valuable and long-term purchase. This burger press is extremely user-friendly, and you can make all kinds of mouthwatering varieties of burgers of different shapes and sizes with your loved ones. This is proof that it is not just a tool for cooking but also something for an amazing family bonding activity! The 5.2” x 5” x 2.5” size lets you whip up perfectly round patties.

Our favorite thing about this product is that it is easy to clean. The non-stick coating will prevent any residue or mess for you to deal with once you finish cooking. It is dishwasher-safe, and it comes with a three-month refund and one-year free exchange warranty. Unfortunately, this tool is not ideal for outdoor use.

What makes it special?

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Creates variety of patty shapes and sizes
  • Amazing refund and exchange warranty

What cons did we find?

  • Not for outdoor use

Cuisinart CSBP-200 4-in-1 Burger PressFastest and Mess-free

  • Size: 4”-4.5” patties
  • Material: non-stick plastic
  • 4-in-1 stuffed burger press
  • Fast and mess-free results

More features: dishwasher-safe, great for black bean burgers, salmon burgers and other alternatives

You cannot get a fresher stuffed burger than the one you make at home. This task becomes simple with the Cuisinart stuffed burger press. Its 4-in-1 design lets you make different types of stuffed burgers, including salmon burgers, black bean burgers, and other alternatives for fun and flavor-filled experience! The great thing about this burger press is that you can let out your inner chef and be creative! You can make professional, restaurant-style sliders, as well as stuffed patties of different sizes and weights to impress your guests. Make a series of cool burgers with this tool. This is because it comes with molds ranging from 4″-4.5″.

Another amazing feature of this product is that it is easy to clean! The non-stick coating prevents any kind of residue or deposit once you finish cooking. Moreover, you can place this tool in the dishwasher for safe and easy cleanup, which prevents any kitchen mess-free. The only downside is that it does not come with a warranty.

What do we love it for?

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • 4-in-1 design
  • Promotes fast and mess-free cooking

What were we disappointed with?

  • No warranty

Meykers Burger PressBest Warranty

  • Size: 4″ diameter, 1″ deep (for large base), 2.5″ diameter, 0.8″ deep (for small base)
  • Material: non-stick and BPA-free plastic
  • 3-in-1 burger making tool
  • Comes with 100 wax papers

More features: easy to clean, dishwasher-safe, money-back guarantee

If you want to make hamburgers as elegantly as the professional chef, this hamburger press by Meykers lets you do just that! Make the best burgers you ever tasted with its 3-in-1 tool, which allows you to create regular patties, juicy sliders, and stuffed burgers with amazing taste and texture every time. You can use it for cooking burgers indoors or outdoors with the pan or grill. This sturdy burger press is made of heavy-duty plastic material. Moreover, the tool is non-stick and BPA-free. You can remove patties from the press easily and make burgers without creating a mess. With 4″ or 2.5″, you can create a patty accordingly to your taste.

Who doesn’t like free stuff? This product comes with 100 free wax papers! You can even disassemble this burger press to make cleaning easy. It is dishwasher-safe, so you can simply toss it in the top rack after cooking. The 100% satisfaction and money-back guarantee allow you to buy it without risk. But, it doesn’t come with a recipe E-book.

What makes it stand out?

  • 3-in-1 design
  • 100 free wax papers
  • Easy to clean

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • No E-book

Luxiv 3-in-1 Burger PressBest Detachable Design

  • Size: 4.7” x 4.7” x 2.4”
  • Material: non-stick and BPA-free ABS plastic
  • 3-in-1 burger press
  • Comes with 100 wax patty papers

More features: dishwasher-safe, detachable design

Each part of this 3-in-one burger press by Luxiv offers different functions. You can use this tool to make a big and small stuffed patties and sandwiches. This impressive functionality makes it a desirable tool at first glance. Next, its unique selling point is its detachable non-stick design, which lets you separate all parts. This feature makes the tool easy to wash as well as convenient to remove the stuffed patty. A special texture at the bottom prevents that, too. The product is made of BPA-free ABS plastic, which is food-grade and completely safe to use. It supports dishwasher cleaning. You also get 100 pieces of burger paper for free, which prevent the patties from sticking. Moreover, you can use the papers for freezing and grilling patties. The only thing it lacks is a warranty to avoid buyers’ risk. Still, it is a pretty convenient tool that doesn’t cost much.

Why did it make our list?

  • Detachable non-stick design
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Durable

What is not ideal about it?

  • No warranty

Things to Consider

If you cook frequently, you would know that ground beef could be challenging to handle. A good, perhaps, the best burger press is the only thing that can solve this problem and let you make a mouthwatering hamburger with the juiciest patty that you deserve. For the newbies here, a burger press is an essential tool that helps you shape perfectly rounded burger patties. We understand the urge to ease those midnight cravings and the need to achieve perfection in every meal you prepare. To make your job easier, we tested a range of possible options and shortlisted the ten best burger-presses you can buy.

Benefits of burger makers

10 Best Burger Presses – Make Delicious Patties with Ease!

Say goodbye to hours of shaping that sloppy ground beef and still coming up with lopsided burger patties. The most frustrating part about making homemade burgers is that your patty keeps falling apart or turns out to look more like a blob than an actual burger. As for using your hands, their heat denatures proteins, which can cause it to crumble and the fat to melt, leading to an unappealing texture.

This is where a burger press jumps in to save the day, or should we say save your dinner? Using a burger press offers many benefits. Your patties come out in a uniform shape and cook more evenly on both sides, so no more messy blobs of meat. The best part is that a burger press is suitable for all kinds of burgers, from beef, pork, turkey, or lamb, to vegetable, so you know it is a valuable investment. It also keeps raw meat cold and needs little to no cleaning afterward.

You get perfectly shaped and evenly cooked burgers at home without much hassle. Homemade burgers can be an absolute delight and a breeze to prepare if you have a good burger press while keeping check of hygiene and saving money that you would otherwise spend on an unhealthy restaurant meal.

How to pick the best burger press?

When picking any tool for your kitchen, you need to make sure that it does the job well, and is safe to use. Choosing a burger press is no different. The first thing to know is what you expect from any purchase. Whether you want a burger press solely for the job of preparing world-class burger patties or if you want your purchase to be multifunctional, giving you the option to diversify if you feel creative. Another thing to be careful about is how you like your burgers, and according to your preference, choose a burger press of a certain size, thickness, and other features important to you.

Multifunctional design

Some burger presses come with the ability to let you multitask, while others have one major quality that you simply cannot resist but buy. Models, like the Kitchen Rmore Double Burger Press, let you make two patties at the same time, saving you time and letting you prepare a delicious meal within minutes. Others, like the Evelots Bacon and Hamburger Press, are perfect for outdoor use, so if you are an adventure-loving, frequent camper, your dinner in the wilderness just became ten times better!

Some burger presses are multifunctional and let you cook not just hamburger patties but stuffed patties, vegetable patties, bacon, and even BBQ.

Patty size and thickness

10 Best Burger Presses – Make Delicious Patties with Ease!

This is where your tastes and preferences play the most important part. If you like small, somewhat thin patties for a light fix, you can buy a burger press with small inner dimensions and thickness to give you patties just the way you like them. If you are a fan of those classic big American hamburgers, that require you to open your mouth so big, it starts tearing on the sides, just to take a big bite. You can find a burger press with larger measurements and thickness, which gives you big juicy yet evenly cooked mouthwatering patties. If you like your burgers according to your moods and appetite, you are in luck because you can even find burger presses that let you adjust the patty size and get creative, such as seen with the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press.


The material of a burger press determines how durable it is. Burger presses come in a variety of materials, ranging from plastic to aluminum. Food-grade aluminum burger presses are the most popular among buyers.

The most important thing to look for in a burger press is non-stick coating. This ensures that your patties come out flawlessly, without sticking to the surface or falling apart when you release them. Non-stick materials also prevent your meat from burning.

This is why non-stick coating is so essential, and most of the products on our list come with that. It also means that cleanup is easier, and you won’t have to scrub off the residue meat stuck on the surface of the mold.

Ease of cleaning

It is easier to clean your burger press than other pans. Some burger presses, like the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press and the Cuisinart CSBP-200, are dishwasher-friendly, which means that you can completely skip the hassle of washing them with your hands. However, even if some models are not, you can easily wash them like any other pan. Those burger presses with a non-stick coating on them are easy to clean because you don’t have to scrape off any patty residue stuck at the bottom. To make things easier, you can always use patty sheets or parchment paper as a replacement, which prevents your patties from sticking to the walls of the burger press and get results as good as with any non-stick-coated pan.


Most burger presses on our list come with a warranty. We vouch for these products because experts tried and tested them. However, despite the guarantee we provide, some brands, like Evelots Bacon and Hamburger Press and BBQ-Aid Burger Press, offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Others include warranties with either a 30-day return period or a year-long warranty. The Meykers Burger Press has a money-back guarantee that ensures you will not be making a wasted investment.

Getting a warranty means a lot because if you don’t get the results you expect, you can have your money back!

Extra features

The extra features of any product make it stand out among other similar competing products that give them the edge to be better and provide buyers with fantastic cooking experience. Some patty presses come with free parchment or wax papers that are an essential part of cooking with perfection. The GWHOLE Non-Stick Burger Press and some other models come with a free set of wax papers, despite their non-stick materials for extra safety. Others include features like detachable plastic handles for safety. You will also come across the models with their own free E-books with delicious recipes you can try. Finally, the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press comes with a handy slider utensil, which makes it even more appealing.


This is an easy four-step process. You start by covering the burger press mold in wax or parchment paper to avoid a sticky mess. You can even use plastic wrap as an alternative if you don’t have parchment papers. Next, you arrange the burger patty press and put all the parts together. Then, add the ring, but be careful to leave the paper outside the ring. It doesn’t matter if there are airspaces under the parchment, it will come out when you press the patty. Third, place the ground beef on the mold and press it to get a nicely-shaped burger patty. The last step is cooking. You can fry it to a delicious golden brown and then simply place it in the burger!

You can clean a dishwasher-safe burger press by simply rinsing it and placing it in the dishwasher. You can wash models that are not dishwasher-friendly like any cutlery or pan by simply soaping up a washcloth and removing the grease gently. The best part is that burger presses can be the least messy tool, with little to no residue, if you use a parchment paper. They are super easy to clean and hassle-free to maintain.

You can buy a burger press that is non-stick so you can prevent the hassle of having your patties sticking and falling apart altogether. If you have a burger press that does not have a non-stick coating, it is not the end of the world because you can always use a parchment paper as a replacement. It acts as a protective shield that prevents the meat from sticking to the mold. Another alternative is lightly oiling or greasing the edges and insides of the burger press. You can even use a cooking spray to avoid using oil as grease.

Our Verdict

We’ve gathered all the best features of burger presses and compiled a list with the top-rated hamburger patty presses available. Now, its time to narrow it down to our three favorite products.

The first one is our Editor’s Choice, the Weston Burger Express Hamburger Press, because of its qualities, like a spring plunger that allows easy and quick removal of a patty, size adjustment mechanism, and that it can shape multiple types of patties, making it a top-notch product.

A close second is our Best Value pick, the MiiKO Stuffed Burger Press. This tool is one of our favorite options because of the free slider utensil it comes with, which makes it easier to handle patties, giving you perfection each time! It’s also a 3-in-1 model and dishwasher-friendly.

Lastly, our premium pick, the BBQ-Aid Burger Press, is a top choice because it promotes even cooking on both sides, is made of heavy-duty material, and is easy to use.

So, which one of the best burger presses from our list will you use to make your juicy burger patties?

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