8 Best Fire Pit Spark Screens to Protect You From Any Accidental Fires

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The best fire pit spark screen for your home can be easy to find if you have the right information. However, buyers don’t often put a lot of thought into the purchase. This is how they end up with fire pit spark screens that don’t even provide good value for their money.

If you want your screen purchase situation to turn out different, you can start by learning what features they have to offer. With that information, you’re guaranteed to make a better selection than an ignorant buyer. These spark screen features include size and weight. Furthermore, the warranty and materials used in construction are part of the selection criteria. Ideally, the screen will be lightweight and easy to move. It should also be compatible with your fire pit in terms of size. Additionally, the screen’s material construction should be top-notch, and a warranty can be the icing on the cake. Once an option satisfies these requirements, it may be the best fire pit spark screen for your needs. Listed below are some screen options that may qualify.

Top 8 Fire Pit Spark Screens Review 2021

  • Size: 36″D x 18″H
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: steel
  • Warranty: 2-year

Other features: high-temperature black paint, comes in 4 pieces

The Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen is one option we would highly recommend. In comparison to other fire pit spark screens, this pick stands out in terms of features and construction.

As you can see from its shape, this screen is most compatible with a cylindrical fire pit. Also, you can check out the dimensions, which are 36” for the diameter and 18” for the height where this screen is concerned.

Another thing you’ll see once the screen is in your possession is that the dome comes in four pieces. This design decision allows one half of this 36-inch fire pit spark screen to slide into the other. Consequently, you won’t need to move the whole screen so that you can tend to the fire.

Notably, the screen and all its components are made of steel. As such, when it is on top of the fireplace, you should use gloves to open and close it back up. Mishandling the screen with your hands may result in injuries and burns.

Covering the steel components is a coat of high-temperature black paint, which is perfect for when you light a fire. As for the weight, this screen is slightly heavier than most other round options. You can chalk that off to the four-piece design of the product as well as the quality of steel used.

Finally, whether you buy the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen or another screen from the same manufacturer, you’ll find that they all come with two-year warranties.

Why are we impressed? We liked the fire pit screen’s durable construction, which has the bonus of being covered by a warranty. Also, the dome of the screen is divided into four components that allow the screen to be opened and closed at the user’s whims. As such, there’s no reason to lift or move the whole thing when you intend to stoke the fire. Finally, the paint used is meant to hold its own in a high-temperature environment.

What negatives must you be aware of? While the paint holds against heat, it seems it doesn’t hold up as well to moisture. As such, the product may get damaged by rust the longer you own it. Also, it’s relatively heavy.

  • Size: 25” – 60”, 17” (height)
  • Weight: 20
  • Shape: square
  • Material: welded high-grade carbon steel
  • Warranty: n/a

Other features: hinged door, 1/4″ x 1″ solid steel flat bar framework

If you’ve got a square fire pit installed in your home, the Aspen Industries Inc Master Flame Fire Pit Screen may be the option you need. Notably, it is the only square option listed. All models of this screen come with a 17” height. You can choose the length and width depending on the size of your fire pit.

When buying the screen, you should measure your fire pit and make a corresponding purchase. Notably, you’re advised to add two inches to the size of your fire pit before picking out the screen. For a 46” x 46” square fire pit, for example, only the 48” x 48” version of the screen should be picked.

Buyers should also be aware of the screen’s construction material, which is welded high-grade steel. As such, both the mesh and the other steel components will be able to hold their own against bumps, falls, and bruises.

Additionally, like the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen, this pick has a door that can be opened and closed while the device is still in place. Consequently, you can stoke your fire without needing to deal with the full 20 lbs weight of the screen.

Also, the tool is heat resistant, which makes sense seeing as though this is a fire pit accessory.

What makes it special? The screen is heat resistant and durable. There are variable sizes allowing people with various fire pit sizes to make the purchase. Lastly, the product features a door so you can stoke the fire without needing to move the screen.

What cons did we find? The square fire pit spark screen may be quite heavy depending on the size you pick. This screen is one of the higher-priced fire pit accessories listed.


Good Directions 25" Medium Spark ScreenBest Hinged Spark Screen

  • Size: 24.5”D x 13”H
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: powder-coated steel
  • Warranty: 3-year

Other features: hinged, spark screen lifter included

If none of the other hinged picks appeal to you, the Good Directions 25″ Medium Spark Screen just might. You can thank the hinged design for the easy access to the fire whenever you want.

Further, a spark screen lifter is included. If you use this component religiously, you’ll be less at risk of burning yourself. Nonetheless, we would still insist on getting gloves as an extra precaution.

Also, if you have a fire pit that doesn’t fit the 25” diameter, there’s no need to worry. After all, a few other size options are available as well. They include the 20”, 37”, and 40” picks.

The screen’s three-year warranty is also an extra reason to make the purchase.

Why is it special? This screen purchase is available with a three-year warranty. Users might like the different screen size options available to them. Also, this pick is hinged and thus doesn’t need to be moved in its entirety when you are stoking or tending the fire. Another feature we liked is the spark screen lifter included, so you don’t have to handle the hot screen with your hands.

What are the flaws? If you leave the screen outside where it comes into contact with moisture, it will rust.


Solo Stove Yukon Fire Pit Spark Screen Best Two-Piece Design

  • Size: 30”D x 5”H
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Warranty: n/a

Other features: removable upper section, two-piece design, includes two heavy-duty guild sticks

The Solo Stove Yukon stainless steel fire pit spark screen is another top-notch offering in the market. Also, the screen’s two-piece design is unique and, as such, needs your attention.

Notably, this is one of the screen options where you don’t need to move the whole fire pit accessory each time you feel you need to tend the fire. The top section is removable.

Furthermore, two heavy-duty guild sticks may help you remove the top screen part when it is hot. The guild sticks can also act as roast sticks when needed. There are even embedded grooves that can serve as a resting place for the guild sticks when needed.

Nonetheless, the screen only weighs 6.3pounds, so if you need to move the whole device, it shouldn’t be a problem.

What are its best features? Features a two-piece design with a removable top. There are two guild sticks included that can help remove the top part or act as roast sticks.

What could be improved? The shiny exterior discolors the more you expose it to heat.


Dagan Industries 25-Inch Pit Spark ScreenBest Lightweight Firepit Spark Screen

  • Size: 25”D x 6”H
  • Weight: 2 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: steel
  • Warranty: 1-year

Other features: heavy-duty construction, convenient handle on top

You can also decide that the Dagan Industries 25-Inch Pit Spark Screen is the one for you. It’s hard to beat the weightlessness of this steel spark screen offering. As such, it would be a cinch to move this screen to and from storage if you don’t want to leave it out.

A convenient handle on top of the round screen may also make your work a bit easier. Since the product’s diameter is not that large, most people can reach the handle in the middle quite easily. This should allow them to move the screen at will, which gives them the freedom to stoke the fire as they see fit.

A 1-year warranty also seems to be included in the screen’s purchase.

What are our favorite features? We liked the screen’s 1-year warranty. Additionally, this screen, despite being made of steel, weighs slightly above 2lbs. As such, it won’t be such a big problem that a door was excluded from the product’s design. There is also the convenient placing of the handle in this device.

What could be better? The screen is reasonably susceptible to rust, which means that it may not last long if left outdoors.

  • Size: 36”D x 7.5”H
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: steel
  • Warranty: 1-year

Other features: 0.7 mm thick steel frame, one-piece design

The Sunnydaze 36-Inch Outdoor Fire Pit Spark Screen and the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen are similar where diameter size is concerned. However, the height of this screen is relatively small compared to the editor’s choice.

You will also see that there is no door for opening and closing the device. As such, any time you want to stoke or manage the fire, you’ll have to move the screen as a whole.

While there is a handle on top of the screen, you should be careful with how you hold the tool. Remember that if a fire is burning under it, the surface of the tool may be quite hot. As such, wear protective glass and make sure none of the screen’s surfaces touch any part of your body.

You should also note steel construction in this device. This applies to both the frame and the mesh screen. However, the frame features 0.7 mm thick surfaces while the mesh is a lot thinner.

Since the 36-inch fire pit spark screen will have to be lifted countless times as you tend to your fire, it probably helps that it weighs only 6 lbs.

What are its best features? The screen is lightweight and won’t be an issue to move around. Also, the frame of the product is relatively thin but is made of durable steel. We also liked the year-long warranty.

What could be improved? Since there is no door, you will need to lift the whole device from time to time. The process of doing so needs extra caution; otherwise, you may burn yourself. Also, the screen rusts relatively easily.


Good Directions 789 Spark ScreenBest Warranty

  • Size: 40”D x 8.5”H
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: 20 gauge steel
  • Warranty: 3-year

Other features: heat-resistant black paint, spark screen lifter included

Another Good directions pick you could own is the Good Directions 789 Spark Screen. It is one of the larger round screens in the list with a total diameter of 40”. The height of 8.5” seems relatively unimpressive in comparison.

For such a large screen, it’s relatively impressive that it only weighs 10 lbs. This shouldn’t be all that challenging to move when tending the fire. After all, you even have the spark screen lifter included to help you out.

Seemingly, 20-gauge steel has been used in making this screen’s frame. That and the intricately woven mesh screen work together to keep embers from flying out of your fire and causing problems.

You should also note the heat-resistant black paint that works well for the high temperatures the screen is bound to encounter. Finally, like the Good Directions 25″ Medium Spark Screen, this purchase offers a three-year guarantee.

Why are we impressed? Screen buyers get a three-year guarantee. Also, a 40-inch diameter works with some of the larger fire pit designs. Lastly, the product is relatively easy to move thanks to the handle and the spark screen lifter provided.

What negatives must you be aware of? You should buy this as a short term solution as its durability isn’t the best. That said, you can take several measures to increase its longevity.

  • Size: 36”
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs.
  • Shape: round
  • Material: steel
  • Warranty: 1-year

Other features: fine wire mesh, convenient handle ring

The round Bluegrass Living BSS-36 Fire Pit Spark Screen is another screen option that may fit your needs quite well. It is simply designed as a single unit with a 36” diameter.

You can rely on the fine wire mesh to keep the flames and sparks covered. When uncovering the fire, you can use a handle placed in the middle of the fire pit accessory.

Also notable is how this screen is covered by a one-year warranty.

What makes it stand out? A one-year warranty for the screen is added. Also, the fine wire mesh is effective at keeping sparks from flying out.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? The screen seems a bit heavy for such a device.

Things to Consider

While fire pit spark screens all seem like simple tools, selecting the best ones is not easy. However, with a buying guide, you can avoid pitfalls and mistakes that other buyers would typically make. For this reason, our team has provided such a guide below.

Benefits of fire pit spark screens

Having a fire pit comes with the risk of setting things on fire. After all, when you light it up, sparks are bound to fly and land elsewhere. Having a spark screen ensures these sparks stay inside the fire pit, and hence you are protected from any accidental fires.

Features to consider when choosing the best fire pit spark screen

8 Best Fire Pit Spark Screens to Protect You From Any Accidental FiresHow well the fire pit spark screen fits your needs is dependent on the features. As such, these form the most critical selection criteria for your purchase. Lucky for you, we look into all details regarding spark screen features in the section below.


When building or buying fire pits, you are given a choice of sizes that would fit your installation scenario. Some of you have the extra space needed for large fire pits and the resources to build them. Others will need to make do with smaller fire pits since that is what their space allows.

You could even find others who buy their homes with the fire pit already installed. The key takeaway is that the fire pits will be of varying sizes, and the screen you buy should match it to a tee.

In most cases, the ideal spark screen should be larger than the fire pit by around four inches.

The size allows the screens to be positioned on the frame of the fire pit. This prevents it from coming into direct contact with the fire.


Having a lightweight fire pit spark screen may be another box that you want to tick before making the purchase. The screen you buy may need to be moved from time to time, especially if it susceptible to rust. For this reason, the screen being lightweight would be an asset.

Another reason for moving it is when you need to tend the fire. A heavy screen would be harder to move and thus may prove inconvenient. Conversely, an option like the Dagan Industries 25-Inch Pit Spark Screen would be a cinch to move in and out of storage.


It would also be more prudent to go with a screen that matches your fire pit. You will find that round screens work better for cylindrical fire pits, while square ones work better for fire pits with a similar design. However, a round screen may also work for a square fire pit, depending on its design.

Only one screen pick above, namely the Aspen Industries Inc Master Flame Fire Pit Screen, is a square option.

Construction materials

8 Best Fire Pit Spark Screens to Protect You From Any Accidental FiresYou also want a fire pit spark screen that can withstand the test of time. This, you ascertain by looking into the construction material. Admittedly most options come made of steel. The type of steel and the thickness may vary from screen to screen.

Also, steel handles heat relatively well, which is why so many screen manufacturers choose it. However, the thickness of the steel may affect just how durable the whole device is. That said, thicker steel often comes at the cost of being heavier, and you may have to deal with the extra weight as a consequence.

Ease of maintenance

Additionally, you should want the screen you purchase to be easy to maintain. If an option tends to rust when exposed to weather elements like the Good Directions 25″ Medium Spark Screen, it will be challenging to maintain. You will thus need to either cover it after use or transport it to your garage for storage. Either way, this means additional work for you.

On the other hand, some screen users won’t need to go through all the trouble of covering or moving their purchase. This is because no negative consequences will come as a result of leaving it as it is.


A few of the spark screen offerings in the market will also come with doors and hinges. One example is the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen. With these options, it is usually easier to manage the fire since you can open and close the door at will. Also, even if the whole screen is relatively heavy, it won’t be a problem since you won’t be lifting it.


Looking into the warranty of a fire pit spark screen is a good idea as well. Of course, the offerings you get from varying manufacturers will be different. That said, we can pick out the two Good Directions screens listed above as having the best warranties. This is because they are both guaranteed for three-years while other screens have less warranty coverage.


Another crucial consideration is the affordability of the screen. After all, you will have to pay for the purchase with money from your pocket. A fire pit spark screen shouldn’t be a reason for you to go into debt since some of the options are relatively affordable. Nevertheless, if you have the money, you can go for the priciest option you can find.


How long a fire pit lasts will depend on how well you take care of it. Keeping it covered or in storage when the screen is not in use may help. Also, repainting with heat resistant paint may allow you to keep the screen for longer.

A single-screen can last you several years. However, if you leave it out in the elements and don’t take good care of it in general, you’ll have to replace it after a few months.

If the screen is the right size for the fire pit, it will maintain the same position unless someone decides to move it. An extra weight to hold the screen down may also help set your mind at ease.

Our Verdict

As per our list of screens above and their rankings, the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-Inch Fire Pit Spark Screen takes the cake as our favorite. We especially liked the four-piece design where the pieces act as a door. The screen’s build quality and warranty are additional reasons for its high rating.

Second, on our list of screen favorites is the Aspen Industries Inc Master Flame Fire Pit Screen. This screen as well features high-grade construction materials. A hinged door is also part of the package.

Last is the Good Directions 25″ Medium Spark Screen. This round pick comes with a spark screen lifter in addition to the inclusion of a hinged door. The warranty also increases the value of the screen.

Finally, you can relay your opinion of our selections in the section below. If you disagree with any of our picks or rankings, let us know.

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