10 Fantastic Gas Grills to Make You a Grilling Pro

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Grilling is a quintessential part of celebrating summer and enjoying your outdoor space all year round. An outdoor grill can even ease the pressure in the kitchen when you’re entertaining a large group or during family holidays, as meat and vegetables can be prepared outside while the other dishes are made inside. A gas grill can make grilling a breeze and the best gas grill can offer fantastic sear on all your meat, burgers and veggies. It offers greater ease of use, more precise temperature control and quicker cooking. However, with so many gas grills on the market, it can be difficult to make a purchase decision.

Our team reviewed over 40 gas grills to assess how they perform and the ease of use. We’ve compiled a list of the best gas grills and our editor’s choice the Weber Genesis II has an impressive cook surface, grease management system and a total output of 48,000 BTUs. However, we’ve also ranked other gas grill models to ensure that there is a top pick to suit everyone.

Our research team has completed extensive analysis of the gas grills on the market, looking at features including fuel types, grate materials, burners, cooking areas, dimensions and the amount of heat energy. Using this information, we have compiled a handy buying guide, in depth reviews and product tables to help you to make your purchase decision.

Top 10 Gas Grills Review 2022


Weber 62006001 Genesis II S-435 Editor’s Choice

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Burners: 4
  • BTU output: 48,000
  • Total cooking area: 844 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 47 x 65 x 29 in.

Extra features: 9,000-BTU sear station; 12,000-BTU side burner; stainless steel burners, bars and cooking grates; 2 side tables, infinity ignition, grease management system, built-in thermometer, fuel gauge

The Weber Genesis II is a liquid propane grill that ensures you can create a great meal in no time. There is ample cooking space and a stove to allow you to have family gatherings and parties in your backyard.

There are stainless steel cooking grates that provide 513 square inches of cooking space. There is also a storage cabinet under the grill and a tuck away overhead warming rack. The Genesis II also has a light connected to the handle of the lid, so everything you’re cooking is perfectly illuminated. There are four stainless steel burners, with the main burner offering heat output of 48,500 BTU per hour and two side tables. However, one of the standout features has to be the LED illumination. The dials are illuminated and there are LED displays that clearly show the fuel level of the propane tank. Additionally, there is a built in thermometer to help you to gauge the ideal cooking temperatures.

All of these features combine to ensure that the Weber Genesis II offers all you need. The impressive features, powerful grilling engine and superb ten-year warranty on all parts offer fantastic grilling performance. The sear station and immense cooking space allows you to grill as many steaks as you need, while you saute veggies on the side burner.

What stands out?

  • Durable all weather wheels
  • Massive cooking space
  • Impressive warming area

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Can get superhot, so you need to work very cautiously
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Napoleon Prestige 500Best Grill Pattern

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners: 4
  • BTU output: 48, 000
  • Total cooking area: 900 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 66.2 x 50.2 in.

Extra features: stainless steel, infrared rotisserie burner, 8, 000 BTU Infrared rear burner, instant ignition, NIGHT LIGHT knobs, dual level sear plates, ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge

The Napoleon Prestige 500 is certainly at the top of the grilling game. This grill is a quality cooker that can take your grilling to the next level. The Prestige 500 offers solid heat distribution to allow even and thorough cooking so you can impress your guests on your next cookout.

The burners are 7 millimeters thick with a wave design, so even if you’re cooking thinner items, they won’t slip through the cracks. The wave design also creates more surface contact with the grates that can allow more thorough cooking of your meat, and produce attractive signature sear marks.

Another great feature of the Prestige 500 is that it can be used with propane or natural gas and offers four stainless steel main burners and 760 square inches of cooking space. There is even an infrared rear burner and rotisserie kit for complete flexibility. This impressive set up offers up to 66,000 BTUs with easy set control knobs.

One possible criticism of the Prestige 500 is that it is not entirely stainless steel, but there is a removable grease drip pan for easy cleaning and some nice storage features, so you can create a fantastic outdoor cooking space for all your family gatherings and backyard parties.

What are our favorite features?

  • Reliable ignition
  • Easy clean drip tray
  • Made in Canada

What could be better?

  • No integrated hood light
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Lion L90000 (90823)Best for Accessories

  • Fuel type: natural gas | propane
  • BTU output: 90,000
  • Main burners: 5
  • Total cooking area: 1030 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 40 x 21.5 in.

Extra features: infrared 15,00 BTU rotisserie burner, a warming rack, XL commercial temperature gauge , electronic ignition

The Lion L90000 is a fantastic addition to your home and certainly worthy of the mantle of the best tabletop gas grill that can be perfectly built in to your outdoor kitchen. There are five cast stainless steel burners offering 90,000 total BTUs and 1030 square inches of cooking surface with commercial grade 304-16 gauge stainless steel construction grates. The two interior lights provide illumination for the entire grill surface while the XL commercial temperature gauge helps you to find the perfect cooking temperature.

However, what makes the L90000 a real stand out and worthy of inclusion in this list is the Gourmet Package. This includes a griddle and griddle remover, rotisserie, cover and smoker box. The smoker features double layered and seamless welded stainless steel with polished edges for perfect smoking every time. There are also six push-to-turn knobs for complete control.

The L90000 is constructed for true outdoor grilling. Whether you want to grill in a hot Texan summer or frigid Colorado winters, Lion appreciates that your grill will need to withstand the elements to provide consistent grilling results and the L90000 delivers. The 304 gauge stainless steel frame and housing can withstand any weather, so you can enjoy a built-in grill on your patio, poolside or anywhere in your yard. This rugged durability is further showcased by the Lion lifetime warranty that covers the housing, burners and cooking grids.

Why did it make our list?

  • Gourmet package included
  • Large cooking area
  • Infrared back burner rotisserie
  • Adjustable warming rack

What is not ideal about it?

  • Stainless steel knobs may get hot
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Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 47629 AngusFantastic Heating System

  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Main burners: 4
  • BTU output: 75,000
  • Total cooking area: 1020 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 28 x 48 in.

Extra features: 304, 14 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction, infrared back burner, warming rack 210 sq. in., SS rotisserie motor, twin lighting system

Bull Outdoor Products manufacture some excellent barbecue grills, but the Angus is a standout as the best gas bbq grill. The Angus is made using 304 grade stainless steel with heavy duty cooking grates and removable warming rack. The four main burners are cast stainless steel and deliver 15,000 BTUs with textured control knobs that are easy to turn even if you have greasy fingers. The Angus also features an infrared back burner that offers 15,000 BTU and a rotisserie that includes a 38-inch spit rod, two spit forks, a counter balance and an easy mount motor and can handle up to 20 pounds of food. The Angus also features a built-in light system to illuminate the cooking space even if you’re cooking at twilight.

One standout feature of the Angus is the Piezo ignition system that uses an electric charge to provide reliable ignition without any need for batteries. The igniters include small spring loaded hammers which hit a quartz crystal to produce an electrical discharge to ignite the gas.

The Angus offers a massive 810 square inches of cooking space, which includes 600 square inches on the grill grates and 210 on the warming rack. There is also the ReliaBULL patented system that has a system of small holes in rear of the burner and larger holes in the front. This helps to equalize gas pressure and create more even flames along the burner length. This innovative design helps to even out any heat distribution issues and create an even temperature across the full grill to reduce hot and cold spots.

Why is it special?

  • ReliaBULL innovative system for even heating
  • Impressive 810 square inch cooking surface

What are the flaws?

  • Some users report warping issues
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Weber Summit S-470Best for Home or Commercial Use

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners: 4
  • BTU output: 48,800
  • Total cooking area: 580 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 50.5 x 66 x 26.5 in.

Extra features: stainless-steel cooking grates, bars and cooking grates; side burner, sear station burner, smoker burner, and rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner; enclosed cart; built-in thermometer; LED fuel gauge

Another Weber product that makes our list of the best gas grill is the Summit S-470. This large stainless steel grill is ideal for home or commercial use with some impressive features. There is 580 square inches of grill space, four burners and snap jet burner ignition system.

The side table features a burner element that can handle pans or pots when you want to simultaneously prepare a side dish while grilling. You can also set up your other side table as a sear box. Inside the Summit firebox, there are four propane burners that can be independently controlled and an integrated burner that can be used with a smoker box and an infrared burner that can be used with the rotisserie. This makes this grill one of the most versatile models on the market, allowing you to sear with direct heat, rotisserie or even smoke at almost competition level.

While the independent burners may be a little less powerful compared to other models in this price range, Weber has compensated for this by using stainless steel rods for the grill grates. When the grill is properly preheated for 10 to 12 minutes, the rods effectively absorb heat to directly impart it to your meat. The rotisserie also takes this grill to the next level. Unlike many other models, the rotisserie is not an additional accessory to be purchased separately. When you activate the infrared burner and allow it to heat the meat for approximately 20 minutes, you can create a succulent dish that can be finished with the standard propane burners. You could even cook up some potatoes and onions under the meat to complete your meal.

What stands out?

  • Large burner
  • Durable thick grates
  • LED fuel gauge

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Only a 5 year warranty

Char Broil Oklahoma Joe's ComboBest Versatility

  • Fuel type: charcoal / LP gas
  • Main burners: 3
  • BTU output: 48,000
  • Total cooking area: 1,060
  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 74 x 50.6 in.

Extra features: 12,000-BTU side burner, two separate cooking chambers, an offset firebox and a side burner, electronic ignition

Overall rating

If you want to get serious about impressing your guests at your next outdoor party, then you should look at a smoker, grill combo and our pick of the best gas grill smoker combo is the Char Broil Oklahoma Joe’s Combo. This impressive model has multiple chambers to smoke with charcoal while you grill with gas on the other side. So, you can be smoking some ribs as you’re grilling steaks or chicken wings.

The Oklahoma Joe’s Combo has an impressive 1,060 square inch cooking area that delivers 48,000 BTUs. However, what makes this grill impressive is the rugged, handsome with badging that is simply pretty. The side burners are solid, which is great considering you’ll regularly use it to light the charcoal for the smoker chimney.

The cast iron grates have a porcelain enamel coating and are thin enough to create some serious grill marks for delicious meats and vegetables. The cast iron also offers durability, so you can be sure of great grilling for many years to come. There is also a handy removable grease tray to make clean up easier and encourage regular use.

What makes it stand out?

  • Cast iron grates
  • Easy clean

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • May be prone to rusting if not adequately covered
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Monument Grills 13892Best Grill Under 500

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Main burners: 4
  • BTU output: 60,000
  • Total cooking area: 723in.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 25.5 x 25

Extra features: a side burner, porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates, rear access, zinc coated sheet grease tray, pilotless ignition, built-in thermometer, 2 black coated side shelves

Monument Grills is a direct to consumer brand, with just six models in the range. The Monument Grills 13892 is a fantastic four burner gas grill that offers incredible performance and impressive features. There are four main burners with one side burner and a side sear burner that deliver 60,000 BTU, with a ClearView window in front to help eliminate the guesswork of how your food is doing. While this window may grease up with heavy use, it can be easily cleaned with baking soda and water just like your oven window.

What makes this grill unusual is the blue LEDs around the control knobs to make it easier to grill at twilight and during dark evenings. This helps to illuminate the position of all your controls without drawing too much power. The lid, side shelves and doors are all made using 430 gauge stainless steel, which is the quality of material used inside premium appliances. This provides good corrosion resistance, but the main and side burners are even more protected against corrosion with 304 stainless steel.

The Monument Grills 13892 also features a removable grease tray that covers all of the bottom cooking area and has a wide funnel for easy clean up. This also protects the lower cabinet and tank from being covered in sticky drippings. Finally, the stout casters feature front locking to prevent any movement while cooking. All of these features combine to make this model one of the best gas grill under 500 models on the market today.

Why is it special?

  • Fast warm up
  • Easy Clean
  • Durable stainless steel

What are the flaws?

  • Some users report difficulties assembling the unit

Coleman RoadTrip 285Budget Pick

  • Fuel type: propane
  • Burners: 3
  • BTU output: 20,000
  • Total cooking area: 285 sq. in.
  • Dimensions: 30.2 x 19.2 x 16.1 in.

Extra features: enhanced control, three temperature zones, quick-fold legs, swappable cooktops, 2 durable side tables, integrated thermometer, Instastart ignition

The Coleman RoadTrip 285 may be a little heavier than some portable grills, but this additional weight offers extra durability. It is obvious that this grill is built to last, with two strong side tables that can be used for serving or prep work. The attached stand has wheels on two legs to make the grill easier to move around into the perfect cooking spot.

However, what makes the RoadTrip 285 really impressive is the surprisingly large cook surface. With 285 square inches, there is enough space for cooking or a small gathering at your home. You can even hook the grill up to your RV’s propane to make it easier to grill during camping. Despite its modest size, the RoadTrip 285 offers up to 20,000 BTUs grilling power with three independently adjustable burners to further enhance temperature control.

There is a removable pan for catching cooking grease to make clean up easier and an InstaStart ignition system to allow push button ignition and eliminate the need for matches to fire up your grill. The cast iron grates are coated in porcelain for easier grilling, but you can also purchase separately a griddle or stove grate that can be used with the Swaptop interchangeable cooktop system. Finally, when you’ve finished grilling, the RoadTrip 285 can be stored upright to minimize space requirements until your next cookout.

What makes it special?

  • InstaStart Ignition
  • Lightweight and Portable

What cons did we find?

  • Heavier than some other portable grills
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Char-Broil 463370719 PerformanceBest for Fast Cooking

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Burners: 3
  • BTU output: 34,000
  • Total cooking area: 600 sq.in.
  • Dimensions: 54.1 x 23.4 x 45.5 in.

Extra features: TRU-Infrared cooking technology, porcelain-coated grates, push-to-start electronic ignition, swing-a-way warming rack, lidded side burner

The Char-Broil Performance offers a wide cooking space and high performance infrared technology to ensure that you enjoy consistent grilling results every time. There is 450 square inches of space on the primary grilling surface, which is enough for even grilling of approximately 24 burgers and an additional 150 square inches on the swing away warming rack. This model provides 10,000 BTUs of power with fantastic versatility and easy operation. The infrared technology is highly efficient to preserve the natural juices of your meat and prevent any flare ups. This technology also creates a faster grilling experience, using less gas while preventing hot and cold spots.

The Char-Broil Performance has a push to start electronic ignition, heat tents, stainless steel burners and effective temperature control. There is even a temperature gauge mounted in the lid to help you to monitor your cooking temp easily.

The stainless steel construction ensures a rugged and durable unit that includes two wheels to make it easier to maneuver into your perfect cooking spot, while the porcelain coated grates are rust resistant and easy to clean.

What stands out?

  • Offers even grilling and searing
  • Fast cooking times
  • Easy assembly

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Some users report rusting issues
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  • Fuel type: propane
  • Burners: 3
  • BTU output: 52,800 BTU
  • Total cooking area: 630 sq. in.
  • Dimensions: 48 x 28 x 48 in.

Extra features: a side burner, electronic ignition, porcelain-coated cast-iron grates; utensil hooks, side shelf, an ignitor probe on every burner

The Char-Griller E3001 has a unique design that is sure to complement any yard. The black steel dome with twin small smoke stacks creates an industrial look and an interesting aesthetic. This design also creates a sense of steadiness and durability. Although it may seem a little complicated to assemble, once it is complete it feels solid and steady. The sturdy wheels are larger than the casters on many other grills to make it easier to move it. This is also supported with a five-year warranty period for burners and parts.

When it comes to using the Grillin Pro, you’ll find it offers excellent consistency and heat distribution for a great cooking experience. You may need to experiment a little with the burner settings to minimize flare ups and avoid the flames, but once you get comfortable with it, it offers a smooth performance.

The Grillin Pro also has an above average cooking area of 438 square inches on the grill plate, which is enough space for up to nine burgers and there is a 12,000 BTU side burner to prepare your meal accompaniments for a small get together or family dinner.

Why are we impressed?

  • Fantastic aesthetics
  • Sturdy wheels for security
  • Five year warranty for burners and parts

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Complicated to assemble
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Things to Consider

A gas grill offers some fantastic benefits for your outdoor cooking. Gas allows greater control, as you can adjust the heat by turning the burner knobs to prevent undercooking or burning, rather than needing to adjust vents and move coals. Gas is also convenient, as you can start grilling with the press of a button. Although there is a short heat up time, this is far quicker than waiting 20 minutes to light coals and another 10 minutes for the grates to heat. Finally, gas grills don’t produce the smoke, ash and embers that you get with a charcoal grill to make clean up easier. So, here you’ll find all the features to consider for your gas grill together with answers to some questions you may have.

Features to consider when choosing a gas grill

10 Fantastic Gas Grills to Make You a Grilling ProWith so many gas grill models on the market, making a purchase decision can be a little tricky. Here are some of the important features to consider to make your purchase decision.

Natural gas or propane?

Although natural gas does offer the consistency of having a constant fuel supply, it does lack the flexibility of propane. Propane is slightly less clean than natural gas, but you can move your propane tank to your perfect cooking area. While these fuels are not generally interchangeable, if you’re still unsure which fuel source you prefer, look for one that can be used with both, like the Lion L90000.

The number of burners

Most gas grills offer one or more gas burners. More burners does often mean greater cost, but it can enhance cooking performance. The optimum number of burners will be determined by the number of people you’re cooking for. If you tend to cook for a few people, two burners is likely to be sufficient, but if you regularly cook for twelve people or more, you’ll need at least three burners or even as many as five burners.

How much heat can the grill create?

10 Fantastic Gas Grills to Make You a Grilling ProThe amount of heat a grill can create is measured in BTUs. The BTU rating is the maximum output of the primary burners. In technical terms, a BTU or British Thermal Unit is the amount of energy needed to heat a pound of water by just one degree Fahrenheit. However, it is important to also consider the power offered from side burners and other features such as infrared rotisseries that can affect how hot the grill can get.

The size of the grill

If you have limited storage space or appropriate cooking space in your yard, you will need to look at the footprint of the grill.

You should have approximately six feet of space from your grill to the main house for safety reasons and of course, any possible inflammable materials, including leaves on overhanging branches.
You will need to assess the size of the grill when the side tables are fully extended to ensure that you have sufficient space on your patio or deck.

Total cooking area

Another essential factor that needs to be considered is the size of the cooking area. You will need to give some thought to how much food you will regularly prepare and look for a cooking area that is sufficient to meet your needs. Some gas grills can accommodate as many as 48 burgers, like the Bull Outdoor Angus with its 600 square inches of cooking area on the main grill. However, if you’re likely to only be cooking for your immediate family, this is likely to be a bit of overkill. A grill that can accommodate 8 to 10 burgers is likely to be sufficient for most families and this will also be more economical to run. Our budget pick, the Coleman RoadTrip 285 offers 285 square inches of cooking space, which is more than enough for 12 burgers.

10 Fantastic Gas Grills to Make You a Grilling Pro

The construction of the grill

Whether you’re a serious griller or just like to flip a few burgers on holidays and summer parties, you need to know that your grill is durable enough to cope with years of use. Therefore the construction of the grill is crucial. Stainless steel tends to be far more sturdy compared to painted steel or plastic carts and this is vital to ensure that there is adequate stability when you’re cooking. It is also important to look at the material used for the cooking grates, so it offers even heat distribution and resistance to rust. Most higher quality grills use high grade stainless steel or cast iron for this reason.


If you want a complete grilling experience, it is also important to look at what accessories are included. Warming racks can help you to time your food, so that everything is cooked to perfection and ready to serve at the same time, while side burners allow you to prepare side dishes from the same cooking station, without needing to spend time running between your kitchen inside and your grill on the patio.

If you’re really keen to impress your friends, you may be interested in a rotisserie that helps you to cook succulent birds with an even sear or a smoke unit, to create that authentic hickory flavor. Many models provide these features as standard, but be sure to factor in the additional cost if these accessories need to be purchased separately. You may find it is worth paying a little more for a grill where everything is supplied.

Other features

It is also worth looking at the other features offered on a grill. For example, side tables can make prep work easier and allow you to keep your utensils and sauces on hand, while LED lighting can help to illuminate your cookspace when you’re grilling at twilight or during the evening. Some models have LED illuminated dials and displays, which can also be useful.

How to maintain a gas grill

10 Fantastic Gas Grills to Make You a Grilling ProTo ensure that your new gas grill continues to offer great performance for many years to come, it is crucial that you give it proper maintenance. Fortunately, this involves a few simple steps, we’ll now explore in more detail.

Cover it: When it is not in use, you should ensure that your grill is covered. You’re likely to find a branded cover to suit your new grill and it is often purchased separately, but this is a good investment. A good cover will protect your new grill against the elements to avoid rusting and excessive dirt.

Clean it Before Use: Since you’re putting food on your grill, it is important that it is sanitary before you use it. Even if you are diligent about cleaning your grill, it is still a good idea to give it a good wipe down before you fire it up to remove any surface dust or remaining debris. At this stage, be sure to check the burners to ensure that they are free of any obstructions

Clean it After Use: It is also important to clean your grill after use. Try to clean your grill when it is still warm as it will allow any food debris to come off more easily, but take care not to tackle the cleaning too soon, or you risk burning yourself.

Season Your Grates: Cast iron, ceramic and even stainless steel can benefit from seasoning. Seasoning will help to create a great sear and make cleaning easier. Coat the surface of the grill with a high heat cooking oil and wipe away any excess. Switch on the grill on to high heat until the oil starts to smoke.

Check the Grease Trap: All of those drips of grease from your meat can not only create a sticky mess, but also create a fire hazard, so be sure to check and clean the grease trap regularly.

Prepare for Long Term Storage: When the grilling season is over and you’re packing up your grill, take out the batteries from any LEDs and give your grill a deep clean before you put it into storage.


With proper care and cleaning, a decent gas grill can last a minimum of five years, but it is more likely that even with regular use, it could last over ten years.

The best outdoor grills offer durability, innovative features and superb cooking performance. Of course the best grill will depend on your specific needs, so be sure to check the factors we discussed above.

For safety reasons, when grilling, your grill should be at least six feet away from your home. However, it is also important to avoid any potential fire hazards, such as leaves from overhanging branches or other flammable materials.

Our Verdict

The Lion L90000 is the certainly the best for accessories with its griddle, rotisserie and smoker included with the package to make it easy to enjoy maximum functionality without any additional purchases. Another stand out is the Napoleon Prestige 500 that offers the flexibility of using propane or natural gas, something that is unusual in these products. The Prestige 500 also has innovative “wave” grates that maximize the surface area for more even cooking and some neat sear marks.

However, our pick as the best gas grill has to be the Weber Genesis II. This grill offers a massive cook space with an impressive warming area and built in lights, so you can keep a close eye on everything to ensure that it is timed to perfection. This model also has an impressive power output, durable finish and 10 year guarantee to ensure that you can enjoy fantastic grilling for many years to come.

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