7 Most Effective Grill Brushes to Keep Your Grill in a Top-Notch Condition

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If you’re a grilling enthusiast, then you know that the importance of maintaining your grill properly and keeping it in peak condition at all times can’t be overstated. Apart from that, oil and grease can rot if left on your grill for too long, and that could, in turn, impart a terrible taste on your food and even probably result in a grill fire. Therefore, if you own a grill that you use frequently, then you must also own the best grill brush to keep it in a top-notch condition.

However, the market is packed with an embarrassment of options when it comes to grill brushes so that you may need some help. We’ve gathered some of the best models for you while considering a couple of key factors. We looked at the size and weight of the brushes as they determine their convenience. We also examined the warranty since it indicates how confident the manufacturer is in their invention.

Having invested a lot of hours into this article, we’ve been able to come up with seven best models available. The models that came out on top in our research have been extensively reviewed, garnished with their pros and cons. We’ve also included a handy buying guide that contains numerous tips you may find useful during your shopping.

Top 7 Grill Brushes Review 2022


GRILLART Grill BrushEditor’s Choice

  • Brushes: 3
  • Bristle free: no
  • Dimensions: 18 x 6.3 inches
  • Weight: 6 oz.
  • Warranty: lifetime money back guarantee

More features: stainless steel hanging; non-slip handle

Featuring an ultra-strong construction and an efficient design, the GRILLART Grill Brush is comfortably the best grill brush on the market. For easy grill cleaning, the unit features a unique three-in-one design finished with an ergonomic handle. To be more specific, it comes with three brushes fitted into one, with each one having a separate stroke. Essentially, this offers you a performance that is equal to using three regular brushes.

To prevent the brush from over-scratching the surface of your grill, it utilizes premium-quality material that gets rid of only the food stuck on the grill surface. Besides its excellent performance, the unit also has a 360-degree rotator which allows for easy cleaning. Meanwhile, the long handle enables you to maintain a considerable distance from the heat while you do the cleaning. In terms of durability, it is believed that this brush can last 85 % longer than a traditional brush.

Of course, it is corrosion resistant, and the bristles hardly fall apart. And since there is already a scraper in the package, you can easily get rid of stains that are too stubborn for the brush. Generally, this model is the best BBQ grill brush around, with only a few buyers wishing it was a bit wider for their large grills.

What do we love it for?

  • Very durable construction
  • Has a long handle
  • Comes with a scrapper
  • Has a three-in-one design
  • Has a 360-degree rotator

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not that conveniently wide for larger grills

Grill Daddy GL13186CThe Longest Grill Brush

  • Brushes: 2
  • Bristle-free: no
  • Dimensions: 20 x 7.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Warranty: lifetime (body and water mechanism)

Other features: stainless-steel bristles, extra-long ergo handle, dishwasher-safe

This brush sends some intensely creative and hard to manage kind of first impression but doesn’t let the looks fool you. Nothing comes close to this multi-power tool at keeping your grill clean.

The grill brush has a rugged aluminum alloy and heavy-duty stainless steel build. The materials give it a perfect balance of weight and powerful functionality. Plus, you won’t get sore after scrubbing so hard for extended periods, thanks to its extra-long ergonomic handle.

The 3-row scraper brush can perfectly fit into all the nooks and crannies of your grill and work effectively to leave it sparkling clean regardless of the angle you choose to work from.

The grill daddy will help you get rid of stains, or anything stuck on your grill that you long gave up trying to get rid of. Since it is capable of steaming grease right off the grates, it can easily get rid of tons of dirt build-up.

When your bristles get worn out, you can easily replace them. You don’t have to spend money on a new brush every other time. Cleaning it is also such a breeze as you can easily throw it in a dishwasher.

The icing on the cake is the lifetime warranty backing of the brush’s superb features. It is more proof that quality and durability are a sure bet with this grill daddy brush.

Why are we impressed?

  • Durable build
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easily fits in tiny spaces
  • Replaceable bristles
  • Lifetime warranty

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not found

GRILLART Bristle Free Grill BrushMost Efficient Grill Brush

  • Brushes: 3
  • Bristle free: yes
  • Dimensions: 18 x 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited

More features: crafted with galvanized twisted wire

Being a grooved model that can clean a grate’s three sides simultaneously, the GrillArt Grill Brush is widely regarded as one of the best grill brushes on the market. This unit is very efficient and promises to reduce your cleaning time considerably. The brush is ideal for ceramic, infrared, stainless steel, char-broil, porcelain grates, and Weber.

In fact, it’s designed in a way that it won’t leave scratches whatsoever on your beloved shiny grill. And the brush is produced using high-quality stainless steel that is five times better than the regular stainless steel found on traditional brushes. Besides, the whole unit is corrosion and wear resistant, so you can rest assured that it is adequately sturdy to last for many years.

It also has a very long handle that keeps your hands away from the grill heat while providing a lot of leverage to deal with burnt food with little effort. Moreover, it comes with a scraper which serves as an extra tool to tackle burnt on grime. The only issue is that the brush itself retains dirt that is difficult to get rid of.

What makes it stand out?

  • Corrosion and wear-resistant construction
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel
  • Can clean three sides simultaneously
  • Comes with a scraper

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Retains a lot of grime itself

Kona Bristle Free Barbecue BrushMost Versatile Grill Brush

  • Brushes: 3
  • Bristle free: yes
  • Dimensions: 18 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

More features: suitable for all grill types

Your BBQ party is incomplete without a high-quality grill brush like the Kona Bristle Free Barbeque Brush. Rather than bristles, this grill brush is equipped with coiled stainless steel wires for gently rubbing of your grates while removing gunk and grease. For a superior outcome, the head of the brush has a unique, three-in-one design, which allows the brush to perform a thorough cleaning. You only need to dip the grill brush in water and start scrubbing.

Compared to the other grill brushes in its category, this bristle-free model from Kona is 125 percent more durable. It promises to last five times longer than a regular grill brush. Even more remarkable, the bristle-free design of this unit means there is no need to be worrying about small pieces of metal falling into your cooking grates. Even after preparing sticky meats and foods, it still doesn’t leave any mess on your burner.

Besides, this unit works with porcelain and infrared grills. Plus, it is dishwasher-safe, meaning it can be washed easily without much stress. And since it weighs only 12 ounces, it will allow you to clean your grates without being fatigued. The only shortcoming is that it doesn’t come with a scraper, so you may need to buy one separately.

What makes it special?

  • Extremely durable
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lightweight design
  • No bristles falling out

What cons did we find?

  • Doesn’t come with a scraper

BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush and ScraperMost Durable Grill Brush

  • Brushes: 1, wide
  • Bristle free: no
  • Dimensions: 15 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: ergonomic acacia wood handle; inbuilt scraper

The next product on our list is the super-versatile BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush. Thanks to its versatile design, the brush can be used as a Charbroil grill brush, Texas grill brush, and porcelain grill brush. With the effortless cleaning it offers, you can easily make your grill look spotless by removing burnt food residue and other dirt. It’s an excellent Christmas gift idea, since turkey, chicken, and other delicacies are roasted in masses during that period.

For supreme cleaning results, the brush is constructed with durable acacia wood with sleek steel bristles. In addition to that, the ergonomic handle also provides a firm grip for tough-duty cleaning. If you’ve had a terrible experience with flimsy and weak grill brushes in the past, this grill brush is sure to help you forget it.

For effective cleaning, the long 15-inch handle provides convenient pivoting distance while keeping your hands far away from the heat. Besides, the long handle even allows you to use both hands for stubborn dirt. However, due to the not quite long bristles, the brush may not be that ideal for cleaning down between the grates.

What makes it special?

  • Has a long ergonomic handle for effective cleaning
  • Comes with a scraper
  • Constructed with a durable wood
  • Has a versatile design

What cons did we find?

  • Not easy to clean down between the grates

Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill BrushMost Lightweight Grill Brush

  • Brushes: 1, wide
  • Bristle free: no
  • Dimensions:8 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight: 4 oz.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: removable head; tool hook

If you’re a fan of Char-Broil, then the Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill Brush is something you should try out. Featuring a unique nylon design, this brush is designed to help you clean more effortlessly after the difficult grilling time. In terms of cleaning, the nylon is as effective as the stainless steel due to the supreme softness and flexibility of the bristles. Unlike the previous model, this one sports angled bristles which allows you to clean the hard-to-reach areas between your grate’s bars easily.

Featuring a long ergonomic handle that will provide you with sufficient comfort when cleaning stuck-on grime, you can’t just complain about this unit. Plus, the handle has a non-slip grip that gives you more safety when cleaning your hot grill. Also, the elongated design means you can easily clean the dirty grill while maintaining a considerable distance from it. And at 10.4 ounces only, this brush is very light and will allow you to scrub and brush the grates for a long time without getting tired.

Furthermore, the unit comes with a super-tough stainless steel scraper that allows you to tackle stubborn debris or grease without any risk of deforming the tool. However, due to the nylon’s vulnerability to heat, you need to always allow the grill to cool down before cleaning it.

What are its best features?

  • Has a long ergonomic handle
  • The bristles are designed to reach difficult spots
  • Comes with a super-tough scrapper
  • Effective nylon design
  • Ultra-lightweight design

What could be improved?

  • The nylon is vulnerable to heat – should be used on cool grill only

Weber 6494Budget Pick

  • Brushes: 1
  • Bristle free: no
  • Dimensions: 12 x 7.1 inches
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

More features: thick stainless steel bristles

Weber has been one of the leading companies in the manufacturing of anything related to grills since the iconic Weber Kettle was invented by George Stephen back in 1952. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising to see one of their inventions on this list. Despite being a budget-friendly model, the Weber 6494 Brush comes with sturdy bristles, a convenient handle, and a high-quality leather strap for hanging.

This brush has a unique three-sided design which enables the user to scrub between the grates (with the brush’s shorter sides) with ease, therefore, performing an intensive cleaning. It also comes with thick stainless steel wear-resistant bristles, added to the wide head which allows you to efficiently and quickly clean large surfaces. The ergonomic handle included also offers adequate control when cleaning dirty grates.

On the drawback, the handle included in this unit is quite short, so you need to be extra careful if you don’t want to get burnt while cleaning your hot grill. Also, the bristles are spread too far apart, which results in less thorough cleaning. This drawback means you need to clean for longer, which is not what you want with a huge grill or smoker. This, however, is still a good option for smaller outdoor or countertop indoor grills.

Why are we impressed?

  • Durable, wear-resistant bristles
  • Comes with a leather strap
  • Has an ergonomic handle for maximum control
  • Has a compact design

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Short handle
  • The bristles are too far apart

Things to Consider

Even if you know everything about grills doesn’t necessarily mean you know all about the endless grill accessories, including the brushes. If you’re looking to buy the right grill brush for the maintenance of your grill, read our handy guide below.

Features to consider while choosing a grill brush

Before buying a grill brush, it’s important to consider some efficiency-enhancing factors so that you’ll buy the perfect model that will benefit you. We have listed a couple of those factors below.


Grill brush material

From plastic to wood to stainless steel to brass, grill brushes are usually made from numerous sorts of materials. While plastic is the most popular one, it usually looks cheap. But, it will serve you for a long time if it’s made of high-quality, sturdy plastic. Stainless steel models like the GRILLART Bristle Free Grill Brush are also reasonably popular and long-lasting, and it’s only when their bristles start falling off the brush that they become unusable.

Another option is wood. Wooden brushes like the BBQ-Aid Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper are usually long-lasting except you apply too much force on it in the middle, which may break it. It can also get swollen if left for too long inside water.

Size of brushes

We recommend you to choose smaller-sized bristles, primary because they are capable of cleaning deeper between the grates. Ensure that the bristles are sufficiently long to reach the deepest parts of the rack. However, they have to be short enough so that they wouldn’t get trapped on the wires.


Handle of the brush

It’s always an excellent idea to do your grill cleaning while the grill is hot as food remnants are melted because of the hot temperature. To do this, choose a grill brush with a long handle so that you will be able to clean off the grates easily while it is still hot. Grill brushes with short handles may cause you to burn your hands because of the nearness of the grill heat.


While some brushes like the Char-Broil Cool Clean Nylon Bristle Grill Brush are light, others like the Grill Daddy GL13186C are heavy. This is usually determined by the nature of the materials with which they are made. Models made entirely with metal will be heavy while those wholly made with plastic will, obviously, be more lightweight.

When making your selection, we recommend you to choose a model that has a combination of both so that you will be able to enjoy the sturdy nature of metal and the light weight of plastic simultaneously.


The warranty term is also an important consideration to make. While you can do with a unit with at least a six-month warranty, we advise you to look for the maximum when it comes to warranty. You don’t want to be spending extra money on grill brushes within a couple of months, so consider a model with a long warranty like the Kona Bristle Free Barbecue Brush.

More features

Stream grill brush

There are also some more features you may want to look at when buying a grill brush. An integrated scraper is always a nice feature since it’s designed to come to your rescue when you have burnt food on your grill surface. You can also look for a brush that offers multiple heads, for versatility and more intensive cleaning.

How to clean with your grill brush

When you want to clean your grill, make sure the grates are still hot. Also, make sure you dip the brush in water before starting so that the bristles will be moist. However, note that you may not need to do this if you’re using a model with an inbuilt water container like the Grill Daddy GL13186C.
How to use grill brush
Whether you just started cooking or you have finished, you should turn your burner to the highest level and cover it for about ten to fifteen minutes. With this, a lot of stuck-on greases will be burnt off, and the remnants will get hard and become carbon, which you will now use your now wet brush to clean off easily.

As soon as your grill is hot, use your strong-bristled brush to clean your grates. There is nothing complex about the cleaning act; just use your brush to apply force to the grill to eliminate any remaining grease and carbon.


Bristle-free models actually have many advantages and hardly any disadvantage. Since they have no bristles, you can rest assured that there is no danger of you swallowing any piece of metal. Also, bristle-free models tend to last longer than bristle, since they don’t have any parts that will come off. Probably the only disadvantage with bristle-free models is that they take more time to complete your cleaning.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the cleaning frequency. While some clean their grills once in a year, some never clean it at all. However, if you want your grill to remain in peak condition at all times, we recommend you to clean it after every use.

Considering the tough and resilient nature of stainless steel and the fact that it is corrosion resistant, a typical stainless steel brush should last for more than a year to two years, depending on your usage frequency.

Our Verdict

When a manufacturer backs a product with a lifetime warranty, it speaks volume about the quality of the product. With the GRILLART Grill Brush, this theory is totally accurate. With a three-in-one design, a long and ergonomic handle, a lifetime money-back warranty, and a super-durable stainless steel body, it’s easy to see why this product is the best grill brush on our list.

Of course, the super-long Grill Daddy GL13186C is our second pick, and it’s only behind our first pick by a slight margin. With a long handle that allows you to clean efficiently from a distance, you can’t argue with this selection. And with its two-cup water tank capacity, the unit delivers tons of steam to clean large grills without needing to refill.

For its high level of efficiency, our third pick is the GRILLART Bristle Free Grill Brush. With its long body, corrosion-resistant design, durable construction, inbuilt scrapper, and an ability to clean three sides simultaneously, you will struggle to find many models that perform better than this one.

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