6 Best Grills With Rotisserie to Give Your Meals a Unique Taste

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Chances are you’re looking for the best grill with rotisserie to go camping in the woods, start your business or turn your backyard into a beautiful kitchen. Nothing can make your meat taste better than a high-quality rotisserie. It gently revolves above your cooking grate to produce a succulent yet self-basted meat that you and your family will love. However, the choice of grills with the option of rotisserie is wide on the current market and choosing the right one can be daunting.

We reviewed 16 different grills with rotisserie during our search for excellent ones that suit different needs. Our editor’s choice is the Weber Summit E-470. It suits both beginners and seasoned grillers. It’s a great fit due to its outstanding temperature control that is great for both direct and indirect heating. We also looked at other excellent models like Napoleon Grill Prestige 500, Royal Gourmet GA5403C Premier, Broil King Regal S590 Pro, Lion L90000 (90823), and the DCS BH1-30R-N. Depending on the specifications, you’ll find the best grill with rotisserie that blends with your needs.

We also spent several weeks looking into top sites like Amazon and consulting experts during our research. The features that we narrowed down when looking for the best grills with rotisserie include the fuel type, BTUs, the number of burners the cooking area and size of the grill. So, in this article, we’ve prepared a table, in-depth reviews of the top five products that we selected, a buying guide, and some of the frequently asked questions. Let’s dive in!

Top 6 Grills with Rotisserie Review 2022


Weber Summit E-470Editor’s Choice

  • Fuel type: liquid propane
  • Total BTU: 60,800
  • Main burners: 4
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 580
  • Dimensions: 50.5” x 66” x 26.5”

Extra features: 10,00-BTU rotisserie system, a smoker burner, a side burner, built-in lid thermometer, swivel casters

The Weber Summit E-470 comes with 580-sq cooking area, one 12000- BTU Side Burner, one 10,600- BTU Rotisserie Burner, and one 10,600- BTU Sear Burner. Its tuck-away Rotisseries system has a separate spit and fork storage system and a flip-up motor.

From appealing features to the highest level of performance, its outstanding grills are great for both beginners and seasoned grillers. The summit E gas grill that is available in classic black adds more than just styles in all backyards.

The gas grilling system assures every user easy assembly, precision controls, and an evenly heated cooking surface. This is awesome for setting the perfect heat level for both direct and indirect heating. Most users mentioned that it’s super-easy to assemble, and the temperature control is excellent. Some users loved the nature of its knobs, insisting that they’re great for hanging utensils.

Its innovative flavored bars perform a variety of functions like trapping drippings that fizzle and smoke to add flavor in your food. Additionally, this propane gas grill with rotisserie burner has its burners crafted from top-notch stainless steel to withstand droplets of water in natural gas and liquid propane.

They’re also well-spaced to provide even heat distribution across your cooking grate. However, some users noted that cleaning the grills becomes daunting to clean with time. You will require a grate knife or a puffy knife to clean it thoroughly. Some pointed out that the removable sliding stainless tray catches debris.

What stands out?

  • Easy to assemble
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Well-spaced burners

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Grills become daunting to clean with time
  • Removable tray catches debris

Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 Best for Direct and Indirect Grilling

  • Fuel type: Propane
  • Total BTU: 66,000
  • Main burners: 4
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 760
  • Dimensions: 22” x 32.5” x 25.5”

Extra features: rear infrared rotisserie burner, infrared side burner, LED control knobs, integrated ice / marinade bucket, instant ignition

With 66,000 BTU’s, 760 cooking area, and five stainless steel burners, the Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 provides style and durability in all custom outdoor kitchens. Its reversible cast iron cooking grids provide even heating and perfect sear marks.

Its Jetfire ignition system provides sufficient lighting every time, and the multiple burners foster grilling in any way imaginable. The Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 has a flexible metal connector and a built-in regulator. However, it doesn’t come with a regulator and a hose that is often attached to the propane tank, like in several grills.

Most users mentioned that it’s an effective propane grill with rotisserie. Some said it has a solid construction, and its stainless-steel cooking grates are long-lasting. Its versatile grilling is not only tailored towards both direct and indirect heating but also to perfect your rotisserie meals using the rear infrared burner.

You can introduce the fun and flavor of charcoal with its charcoal tray that suits smoking and grilling. Most users claimed that it’s a well-built grill with thick gauges, it’s easy to set up, and the heat disperses evenly in the grill. You need a minimum space of 5” between your backsplash and the cutout for your lid to open swiftly without hitting the backsplash. Your grill will be approximately 8” higher every time you open your lid. However, few users complained that the grill is prone to rust, especially when exposed to harsh conditions.

What stands out?

  • Solid construction
  • Durable stainless-steel cooling grates
  • Thick gauges

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Prone to rusting

Royal Gourmet GA5403C PremierBudget Pick

  • Fuel type: propane
  • Total BTU: 74, 000
  • Main burners: 4
  • Total cooking area (sq. in.): 747
  • Dimensions: 57.5” x 22” x 46”

Extra features: sear burner, infrared rear burner, lidded side burner, electronic ignition, removable grease tray and grease cup

The Royal Gourmet GA5403C 5-Burner BBQ Cabinet Style Propane Gas Grill is a versatile grill that can be used to produce a wide range of BBQ food. This grill comes supplied with the Rotisserie Kit which is a great option when you want to delight people with chickens or vegetable side dishes. The dimensions of this grill, are: 47.48”L x 22.05”W x 46.06”H wih a cooking surface of 31.69”L x 17.32”W and a rotisserie size of 47.24”L. A generous warming rack area of 30.51”L x 6.50”W helps you to deliver all the food at the optimal time.

This grill is made from stainless steel with a porcelain-enameled finish in an aesthetically pleasing coffee color. The recommended cover for this grill is the CR5402 and a side table gives you plenty of extra working space for busy cookout sessions. The main sear burner has an output of 14,000 BTU to create those quick sears on red meat. The side burner has a 10,000 BTU output which is ideal for your side dishes that may need a more delicate heat. The rotisserie-style food is prepared with an infrared rear burner with a 10.000 BTU output for slow roasting duties.

This grill is easy to start witht the electronic igniter, which is powered with a single AA battery. The rotisserie is turned by an electric motor that be powered via the main power supply or a pair of D cell 1.5v batteries. The base of the grill sits on four heavy-duty lockable casters which are easy to move and stable when locked in-place. The grease management system has a removable grease cup and tray for easier cleaning.

Why are we impressed?

  • Users love the even heat distribution from the stainless steel flame tamers.
  • The rotisserie kit adds a lot of extra functionality to an already impressive grill.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • One user noted that the 45 minute assembly time was very optimistic.
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Broil King Regal S590 ProBest for Outdoor Grilling

  • Fuel type: propane
  • Total BTU: 65,000
  • Main burners: 5
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 625
  • Dimensions: 62.5” x 25” x 49”

Extra features: a side burner, 15,000-BTU rotisserie burner, illuminated control knobs, Deluxe Accu-Temp thermometer

With its 625 sq. Inches of primary cooking area and 55,000-BTU main burner, the Broil King Regal S590 Pro ensures you have sufficient space and power to cook for your family. Its 15,000-BTU rear rotisserie burner and 10,000-BTU side burner fosters bulk cooking with the grill.

Its stainless-steel cooking rod is 9mm and up to 56% heavier than ordinary grills, and this attributes why it has excellent heat retention and gives bold sear marks. It also comes with blue LED-light that not only sets a stylish glow to all outdoor patio spaces but also aids you to see the controls on your grills with ease.

Most users mentioned that its cook box is durable. Its stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system has up to 40% extra coverage than comparable grills, and all the drippings falling onto it are instantly vaporized. Its linear flow valve will allow you to regulate your temperature conditions with varying weather conditions.

This grill also suits everyone from homeowners to chefs who live for entertainment in outdoor areas. Users mentioned that they could cook anything on it with any style from rotisserie cook poultry to searing steaks to perfection. Experts indicated that all the key components of this cooking system are engineered for a particular purpose, and when fused, the results are amazing. Users mentioned that this grill has extra features and it’s sturdier compared to the Weber Genesis. Some users, however, complained that the burners rust even though they’re supposed to be stainless steel.

What are our favorite features?

  • Durable cooking box
  • Great heat retention
  • Durable cooking grids
  • Cooking versatility

What could be better?

  • Burner prone to rust
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Lion L90000 (90823)Best Grill for Smoking

  • Fuel type: natural gas | propane
  • Total BTUs: 90,000
  • Main burners: 5
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 1030
  • Dimensions: 24” x 40” x 21.5”

Extra features: infrared 15,00 BTU rotisserie burner, XL commercial temperature gauge

The Lion L90000 (90823) comes with 90,000 BTU’s, five cast stainless steel burners, 1030 sq. Inches of cooking surface, XL commercial temperature gauge, and an infrared rotisserie burner.

It perfectly rests on countertops and doesn’t need any support from underneath. You will not need to line your cutout opening if you’re using the cement board of metal framing. All grill heads include the “gourmet package” with the griddle plate, grill cover, rotisserie kit, and the griddle plate remover. The interior lights are 24 volts, and you will require 110 volts for your transformer. Most users mentioned that it’s better than Weber with its even heat distribution.

Unlike its rotisserie that requires power, this grill’s burner ignition doesn’t need any. You can also smoke your favorites meals with its free smoker box though your grill will not be like a smoker. You can place your infrared on any location you desire, but experts recommend positioning it on the right or left end. They also mentioned that you are prone to replace them all after some time.

Users mentioned that they only assembled small parts of this grill like the flavor bars, burners, and knobs in a few minutes. However, the searing burner isn’t included. Few users stated that they ordered the ceramic flame tamers to complement their grills.

Some customers also complained that the measurements are off, and the electric receptacle must be close to your grill to plug it up. One customer even complained that the granite behind the wall was cracking.

What makes it stand out?

  • Perfectly rests on countertops
  • Comes with “gourmet” package
  • Free smoker box

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Frequent burner replacement
  • Off measurements
  • Cracking granite
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DCS BH1-30R-NBest Grill for Even Heat Distribution

  • Fuel type: natural gas
  • Total BTU: 64,000
  • Main burners: 2
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 748
  • Dimensions: 24” x 39” x 26.5”

Extra features: a side burner, a warming rack, double sided grill grates, built-in temperature gauge, a removable drip pan

The DCS BH1-30R-N comes with 304 stainless steel construction that is inclusive of the double-sided grill grates. Its rotisserie features include a 120 V motor that is 50 pounds, and it also has excellent lighting.

Its two main and side burners have a BTU of 25,000 and 18,000, respectively. Most users stated that its cast stainless steel grates come with a gentle radius that perfectly suits cooking delicate foods. Some of the grill grates even have a W-shape to provide perfect sear lines.

This grill has a patented Grease Management System for directing grease away from the flame to evade flare-ups while cooking and ease cleaning. Most users loved how the two main burners deliver a sufficient amount of BTU to the ceramic rods underneath the grill gates. This enables you to maintain specific temperature control across your entire grilling system.

There is an additional 3,500 BTU to complement its outstanding smoker tray, and it provides room for flavor and wood chips infusion. Overall, most users mentioned that the unit is one of the best natural gas grills with rotisserie, and it’s recommended for nighttime grilling sessions due to its smart beam lights.

Some users claimed that it’s subject to little to no flame flare-ups, and its heating system is precise. Others loved how its rods are stainless steel besides dissipating heat evenly. They claimed that it’s one of its greatest assets. Most users liked the grill’s removable warming rack. However, several users still complained that their heating rods occasionally broke since they were made from ceramics.

What makes it stand out?

  • Removable warming rack
  • Little to no flare-ups
  • 304 stainless steel
  • Even heat distribution

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Ceramic rods prone to breaking

Things to Consider

Whether you’re camping out in nature, entertaining your family or guests in your backyard or tailgating, you must pick the right grill with a rotisserie that will last you for decades.
They offer a high level of versatility compared to ordinary grills, and you will get your desired flavors since it’s able to catch and incorporate meat juices. Grills with rotisserie are perfect for preparing ham, turkey, chicken, etc. and they come out super flavorful and tasty. However, choosing the right one can be daunting.
This guide will aid you in narrowing down into the best grill with rotisserie function, and we will factor in the benefits of having one, features to consider when making purchases, and the frequently asked questions.

Benefits of having a grill with rotisserie

Grill rotisseries are a great addition to all outdoor patio, and they’re key to succulent roasts of all types. It’s a foolproof way to evenly cook large roasts without burning them to a crisp before the inside sections are close to done.

They allow you to relax, leave your lids closed and let your roast grill smoothly for sweet golden-brown meat that retains its delicious juices. Grills with rotisseries save time and effort since you only need to set it up and test the doneness or check to baste.

While you can adopt indirect heat grilling techniques for bigger chunks of meat, grills with rotisserie simplify your work as much as guaranteeing evenly cooked juicy roasts.

Features to consider when choosing a grill with rotisserie

6 Best Grills With Rotisserie to Give Your Meals a Unique TasteWith several BBQ grills with rotisserie in the market, choosing the perfect one for your outdoor activities can be very daunting, especially as a beginner. Most grills aren’t created equal, so there are factors that you will have to consider first before making any purchases.

Some models even come with a dizzying array of add-ons and options. To aid you in making the best choice, we looked into vital features like fuel type, BTUs, the number of burners, your cooking area, and the size of your grill.

Fuel Type

The most common type of grills based on their fuel types are gas and charcoal grills. Whether natural gas or propane, gas grills like the Weber Summit E-470 provide the convenience and affordability that you seek.

This fuel type is clean and efficient, and it’s cheaper than charcoal. They have simple control knobs with a variety of temperature ranges you can control at your fingertips. Gas grills with rotisserie burner like the DCS BH1-30R-N come with rotisserie kits, side burners, and outdoor storage that offer high-end utility.

Some of the grills with a rotisserie that can use charcoal fuel like Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 are classic and produce smoky flavors that your family and friends will love. They offer versatility for both smoking and grilling and utilize hardwood lump charcoal that ensures natural cooking processes with zero additives.


6 Best Grills With Rotisserie to Give Your Meals a Unique TasteBTU is a traditional way of measuring the output of your heating appliance. Grills with higher BTU burners positioned close to their cooking surface like Lion L90000 (90823) are elite regarding the provision of temperatures required for searing.

However, some grills with higher BTUs may not produce high amounts of heat. What matters is the size of your grill and how well it holds and distributes the heat.
Smaller, more compact grills like Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 offer higher cooking temperatures even with low BTU.

The number of burners

Grills with rotisserie that have more than three burners like Lion L90000 (90823) are great for indirect barbecuing and aid you in achieving even heat circulation while cooking.

If you’re interested in a bigger grill with rotisserie that is larger than 36 inches, then you will need to have at least four burners. You can target a grill like Weber Summit E-470 with burners made from cast stainless steel.

Cooking area

6 Best Grills With Rotisserie to Give Your Meals a Unique TasteThe first thing you should consider when purchasing a grill with rotisserie is the number of square inches of your cooking grate. This includes your cooktop and warming rack areas, so target a grill with a minimum of 450 sq. inches to cater to most of the needs of your family members.

Other grills like Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 with more than 400 sq. inches of a cooking area can accommodate up to 24 hamburgers in a single cooking. Target a grill with more than 500 sq. inches of a cooking area like Lion L90000 (90823) if you plan to use at least five burners

The size of your grill

The space you have and the amount you plan on grilling at once will aid you in determining the size of your grill. If you have a spacious backyard, you can opt for a large grill like Weber Summit E-470, but if your patio is small, then a cheap grill with rotisserie like Lion L90000 (90823) can serve you well.

The second thing you should ask yourself is whether you will be cooking for your friends or family too. You don’t want to be stuck putting small chunks of food at a time so you can settle on a cooking grill with a large cooking area and more burners like Napoleon Grill Prestige 500.


The maximum weight a rotisserie can hold is 10-15 lbs. Weber grill with rotisserie like the Weber Summit E-470 can hold a maximum weight of 20 pounds except for rotisserie #7659.

The rotisserie method ensures your meat remains moist since the action bastes your meat in its juice. Here are some awesome recipes to give your rotisserie a try: Peruvian roasted chicken, bourbon rotisserie pork roast, take out style rotisserie chicken, herb and red wine rotisserie leg of lamb, the marinated rotisserie roast beef, rotisserie prime rib roast, Greek marinated leg of lamb, rotisserie turkey, southwestern style rotisserie pork tenderloin, and the rotisserie glazed ham.

Never let all the lovely heat out by opening your lid when cooking. Keeping it shut enables the convectional currents to cook your food thoroughly. However, you can position your food at the center if you’re cooking over a fire pit to experience a similar effect of the convection current.

Our Verdict

Grills with rotisserie offer a high level of versatility that you will rarely get with ordinary grills. They are great for preparing yummy meat like ham, turkey, or even chicken. Remember, there’s a difference between rotisserie cooking and grilling. While most grilling is done over the fire, you require less heat for your rotisserie.

Grills with rotisserie like the Weber Summit E-470 come with a wide cooking area, and we recommend them for any beginner or a seasoned cook. In addition to adding style to the different backyard, this grill performs a variety of functions like trapping drippings to add flavor to your food.

Napoleon Grill Prestige 500 also provides style in customized patio. It has a solid construction and comes with durable cooling grates. So far, it offers perfect sear marks and fosters even heating. The Monument Grill 17824 is another excellent stainless-steel grill with rotisserie and it has well-functioning burners, pilotless ignition, and built-in thermometers.

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