8 Most Portable Pellet Grills for Your Splendid Barbecue Dishes

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The best portable pellet grill adds a unique, subtle smoke flavor and a crusty texture to your meals. It is also a healthier option of preparing your food because the excess fat drips off, as opposed to frying where the excess fat is reabsorbed. A pellet grill is easier to use than a gas or charcoal grill due to temperature control, and you can grill and smoke a wide range of ingredients at a picnic or camping site, and turn a tedious chore into an exciting bonding session.

To get the best deal out of your portable pellet grill, you should consider the cooking area because it determines the amount of food you can grill as well as the different types of meals you can cook simultaneously. Secondly, you should assess the temperature range to identify the one that can accommodate various methods of cooking. The third factor to evaluate is the hopper capacity to avoid running out of pellets during a grilling session. Lastly, you should look at the dimensions and weight of the grill for portability and the sturdiness of the material for durability.

The following review is based on feedback and ratings from buyers, experts, and authoritative sites on their best portable pellet grill. It ranks the performance of the most reliable models in a comparison table, followed by detailed reviews of each model. The buying guide delves deeper into the key features to consider when shopping so that you could choose the best of the best.

Top 8 Portable Pellet Grills Review 2022


Z GRILLS ZPG-7002EEditor's Choice

  • Cooking area: 700 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 180–475 degrees F
  • Hopper capacity: 20 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 48.5 x 51.2 x 22.5 inches
  • Weight: 118 lbs.

Extra features: digital control board; LED temperature readout; fan-forced convection cooking

This unit embodies the ultimate portable pellet grill which can cook a myriad of delicious dishes for crowds of diverse sizes and transform a forgettable excursion into memorable mouth-watering exploits.

It achieves this with a vast grilling area of 700 square inches and a large hopper which can hold a whopping 20 pounds of pellets that deliver up to 20 hours of continuous cooking.

Further to its qualifications as the best portable pellet grill, it provides eight versatile cooking options which allow you to grill, char-grill, smoke, roast, sear, bake, braise, and barbeque your food on temperature ranging from 180 to 475 degrees F.

Automated features include auto-ignition, a built-in sensor with digital temperature control, real-time LED temperature readout, and pellet feed control system. This increases accuracy when cooking and saves you time.

The fan-forced convection system distributes heat evenly for thorough cooking and ensures the temperature remains within ten degrees of your preferred setting, regardless of external temperature.

The grill is made of durable stainless steel which is resistant to rust. It may feel heavy at 118 pounds, but the caster wheels improve mobility and lock the grill into place when in usage or in storage.

As a home-based brand, Z GRILLS provides convenient access and quick shopping experience for buyers. The seller also offers 30-day money back guarantee in addition to a warranty of three years.

Why are we impressed?

  • 8 cooking functions
  • Vast cooking area
  • Large hopper
  • Automated pellet feeder
  • Digital temperature control
  • Durable construction
  • All-terrain caster wheels
  • Auto-ignition

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • A bit heavy
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Camp Chef SmokePro PG24SGLargest Cooking Area

  • Cooking area: 811 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 175–500 degrees F
  • Hopper capacity: 22 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 40.5 x 28 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 150 lbs.

Extra features: ash cleanout system; automatic auger dispenses pellets as needed

This is the best rated portable pellet grill on the market because it has advanced features that will revolutionize your cooking experience, from the spacious cooking surface area of 811 square inches to cater for a large party to the massive hopper with a capacity of 22 pounds. The cooking space consists of a grilling area and a warming rack measuring 429 and 382 square feet respectively.

The LED display helps you to monitor the heat while the auger utilizes automated pellet feeding mechanism to regulate the temperature according to the selected setting and prevent heat fluctuations. You can choose the temperature from a diverse range of 175 to 500 degrees F to suit different types of food.

The ash cup uses patented cleanup technology to save you the time and effort that you would spend vacuuming the grill while pellet hopper cleanout system switches between the different flavors of pellets for a unique taste.

Use the electric auto-igniter to get started, and the dual meat probes to prepare multiple meals in one go while maintaining the right temperature. You can alternate between direct and indirect heat by pulling on the knob which slides the heat deflector.

Keep in mind though that the cost of this pellet grill is on the higher end and the weight is heavy, at 150 pounds.

What are its best features?

  • Ample cooking surface area
  • Wide range of temperature
  • High-capacity hopper
  • Automatic auger
  • Pellet hopper and ash cleanout system
  • Dual meat probes
  • Direct and indirect heat options

What could be improved?

  • Expensive
  • Heavy

  • Cooking area: 219 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 150–550 degrees F
  • Hopper capacity: 9 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 31.75 x 34 x 23 inches
  • Weight: 68 lbs.

Extra features: comes with a digital Wi-Fi controller; foldable legs

In addition to being a budget-friendly cooking companion, it is one of the best portable pellet smokers, weighing only 68 pounds despite the steel construction. The foldable legs increase compactness for storage purposes and also double up as handles to improve mobility. With a power consumption of 12V or 120AC and an AC adapter, two alligator clips and a plug included in the package, you can plug it into a car or battery pack to power it on the move.The smart pellet grill allows for Wi-Fi connectivity and GMG server connection for remote operation. By downloading an app on your phone, you can switch the smoker on or off, set the timer for a specific cooking period and switch the temperature from a distance. Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor, regulates the cooking temperature to prevent the food from burning or undercooking while the pellets are automatically fed into the furnace from the hopper with a capacity of nine pounds. This frees you up from babysitting the smoker so you can concentrate on other tasks.

This model has the widest range of temperature on our list of the best portable pellet grills, giving you a choice of 150 to 550 degrees F to accommodate various types of cooking.

The cooking surface area measures 219 square inches which may be inadequate for a large gathering, but perfect for a cookout session with your close friends or for a backyard barbecue with your immediate family members. The side tray provides storage for spices and utensils.

What makes it special?

  • Compact and portable
  • Remote operation
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Thermal sensor
  • Multiple power options
  • Competitive pricing

What cons did we find?

  • Unsuitable for large-scale cooking
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Cuisinart CPG-4000Most Versatile Portable Pellet Grill

  • Cooking area: 450 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 180–475 degrees F
  • Hopper capacity: 15 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 39.4 x 18.1 x 22.8 inches
  • Weight: 103 lbs.

Extra features: all-terrain wheels; lift handle; collapsible front shelf

This is a versatile 6-in-1 grill with a wide temperature range of 180 °F to 475 °F which provides you with different cooking options by allowing you to bake, smoke, grill, roast, braise, and barbecue. The two-tiered grate provides more cooking room while the shelves, a stationary one on the side and a collapsible one at the front, serve as storage space for ingredients and utensils.

The thermostat displays the current temperature on the LED screen, activates the selected temperature and keeps it consistent when cooking by automatically adding pellets which come in a variety of flavors.

You can prepare a large amount of food at once for all your guests on the ample cooking area of 450 square inches, and the hopper which has a capacity of 15 pounds will fuel your entire cooking session without requiring refilling. For a smokier flavor, set the temperature at a low setting so the wood pellets can smolder. The built-in spigot drains excess fat to keep the grill clean, and the food healthy.

As a portable pellet grill, it is well-equipped for the outdoor environment with all-terrain wheels and a lift handle which makes it easy to take it with you for picnics, a stainless steel material that is resistant to rust, and a cover for protection against natural elements.

A minor inconvenience is that you have to keep an eye on the water pan for refilling since it quickly dries out.

What do we love it for?

  • Spacious cooking area
  • Versatile cooking options
  • Decent-sized hopper
  • Wide range of adjustable temperature
  • Wheels and handle for portability
  • Convenient fueling system
  • Storage shelves
  • Built-in spigot
  • Cover included

What were we disappointed with?

  • The water pan is too shallow
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Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20Best Value Portable Pellet Grill

  • Cooking area: 501 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 160–500 degrees F
  • Hopper capacity: 10 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 38 x 18.5 x 32 inches
  • Weight: 100 lbs.

Extra features: auto auger; ash cleanout; dual meat probes and dual LED temperature readout

This model is equipped with heavy-duty wheels, locking lids to prevent it from rolling away, and foldable legs which are operated with a push button to make the 100-pound pellet grill compact enough to fit alongside your camping gear or on a patio with limited space.

Despite its portability, it has a generous cooking surface of 501 square inches where you can prepare several meals at a temperature of 160 to 500 degrees F. The top rack is removable to create room for large dishes.

The grill comprises of dual meat probes and dual LED temperature readout which monitors and displays the temperature of both the meat and the grill itself.

After loading pellets in the hopper which has a capacity of ten pounds for an extended cooking session, the auger automatically adds the pellets to the furnace according to your preferred temperature setting.

The convenient slide and grill feature is activated with a lever to switch between direct and indirect heat in seconds while the ash cleanout collects the ash in a pan for quick disposal and easy cleaning.

Rated as one of the best portable wood pellet grills on the market, buyers have mainly been impressed by the slide and grill feature as well as the customer service and responsiveness of the Camp Chef staff. A few noted that the grill was a tad heavy but hardly a deal breaker.

What do we love it for?

  • Generous cooking area
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Dual LED temperature monitor
  • Slide and grill feature
  • Ash cleanout system
  • Foldable legs and locking lids
  • Removable top rack for extra room

What were we disappointed with?

  • Hopper capacity is rather small
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Traeger RangerBest Portable Pellet Grill

  • Cooking area: 184 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 450˚F
  • Hopper capacity: 8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 21 x 13 inch
  • Weight: 60 lbs.

Extra features: cook timer, keep warm mode

The Traeger Ranger Grill is a compact pellet grill that is easy to clean and use. If you are interested in the difference a pellet grill can make, this is the product you should try. There are several styles available and different pellet varieties to choose from, including Mesquite, Pecan, or a mix of the two.

Any grilling enthusiast is sure to appreciate this compact pellet grill. It provides you with perfect results every time and superior taste that you can only get from all-natural wood pellets. This grill is more affordable than other Traeger wood pellet grills on the market and retails for around $429.

There are several things that we liked about the Traeger Pellet Grill. We chose it as our best portable grill due to its small compact size. This makes it possible to take the pellet grill with you to tailgating parties or family gatherings. The Traeger grill includes a cast iron griddle that provides the ideal sear on your perfect steak or allows you to prepare eggs for breakfast. It is easy to clean thanks to the porcelain-coated grill grates, and the included cook timer alerts you when it’s time to add sauce or check on your food.

We don’t have many complaints about the Traeger pellet grill. It is a well-built unit which also means it can be very heavy, even for its small size. Some users had a few issues with the temperature probe not working and other similar issues, but they were able to get the problems resolved after a quick call to customer service. Aside from that, we feel this is a great pellet grill for the price.

What stands out?

  • We like the size of the grill and the quality of the food once it is prepared
  • It is a great starter pellet grill for the price

What cons did we manage to find?

  • It is very heavy, which can make it difficult for some users to move
  • Some customers had issues with the grill working or missing parts

Traeger TFB57PZBOMost Compact

  • Cooking area: 572 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 450˚F
  • Hopper capacity: 18 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41 x 27 x 49 inch
  • Weight: 103 lbs.

Extra features: 6-in-1: to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, BBQ, 3-year warranty

The Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker can accommodate four chickens, 5 racks of ribs, or 24 burgers all at once. The main rack has 418 square inches of space, while the extra rack features 154 square inches. This grill has a hopper capacity of 18 lbs.

This corded electric wood pellet grill is an upgrade from other models. It features precise temperature controls with the Digital Pro Controller that includes Advanced Grilling Logic. This technology ensures the cooking temperature remains within plus or minus 15 degrees for precise grilling and satisfactory results.

We like this versatile grill that can cook hot and fast or slow and low if needed. It offers 6-in-1 versatility that allows the user to grill, bake, roast, smoke, braise, and barbecue their favorite foods to perfection. Like all Traeger grills, this grill is fueled by 100% all-natural wood pellets that infuse with the food on the grill for exceptional flavor that you cannot get from any other grill.

There are several things that we love about this Traeger Grill, but as with any product, it can have its issues. The main issue that most users have with this grill and the company overall is the state of the parts once they arrive. Some customers had their grills dented during shipment, while others were missing parts necessary for assembly. While the company does have excellent customer service, it can still be very frustrating when an order is not complete.

What do we love it for?

  • High-quality pellet grill that produces amazing and delicious results
  • Large cooking space and able to accommodate a lot of food at once.

What were we disappointed with?

  • Some customers had issues during shipment with their grills dented or damaged
  • Some customers had problems with missing parts
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ASMOKE AS500N-1Easiest to Use

  • Cooking area: 465 sq. in.
  • Temperature range: 500˚F
  • Hopper capacity: 10.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 26 x 38 inch
  • Weight: 83 lbs.

Extra features: 8-in-1, 5-year warranty, no flare-ups

The ASMOKE Electric Wood Fired Pellet Grill and Smoker is an impressive grill available in an eye-catching Tahoe Blue color. This 8-in-1 pellet grill has the ability to barbecue, roast, smoke, braise, bake, broil, sear, and Char-Grill. It can cook your favorite meats and veggies hot and fast or slow and low. Use the included ASMOKE apple wood pellets for a rich and delicious flavor.

This grill is the ideal choice for anyone who has been considering buying a pellet grill. It has all the necessary features, including an advanced auto pellet feed system and heated fans that help maintain just the right temperature. It is reasonably priced at $374.98. It is the ideal pellet grill for large group parties.

We like the ASMOKE Electric Wood Fired Pellet Grill because of its ease of use and the large cooking area it has. The grill has a 325 square inch main rack and a 140 square inch insulation rack which provides 465 square inches of total cooking space. The innovative technology, such as the advanced auto pellet feed system and heating fans, along with the color LED controller, make this one of the easiest wood pellet grills on the market.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with this ASMOKE Electric Wood pellet grill that should be mentioned. The temperature control can sometimes be way off from what the actual temperature is. This can make it difficult to achieve a steady temperature. Some users have also complained that the grill was scratched or damaged upon arrival. However, the company will usually replace items that are damaged if the customer contacts them.

What are its best features?

  • Easy to use, making it great for beginners
  • Reasonably priced

What could be improved?

  • Temperature controls can sometimes be off
  • Some customers complained of dents and scratches after shipment

Things to Consider

Let us look at some of the benefits of a pellet grill and examine the most important features that will get you the best portable pellet smoker for your budget and cooking needs.
You will also find answers to your questions in the FAQ segment at the end of this guide.

Is pellet grill worth investing?

fjdkgklgPellet grills have a lot of advantages:

  • Pellets are cheaper to buy than gas and charcoal.
  • Since pellets burn consistently, it is easier to control and maintain the right temperature for thorough cooking.
  • You can diversify the taste of different types of food by using different flavors of hardwood pellets, such as maple, oak, apple, cherry, pecan, and hickory, or blend them for a unique taste.
  • Unlike charcoal and wood grills which require constant monitoring, you can set the temperature on a pellet grill and leave the cooking unattended for a long period as the pellet feeder will automatically fuel the furnace to maintain the set temperature.
  • Pellet grills are capable of both direct and indirect heating to match the temperature of different types of food. This offers more flexibility in cooking methods.
  • Most of them are compact and portable and can be taken along for camping, cookouts, and cooking lessons.

Features to consider while choosing a portable pellet grill

Below are the key features to consider in a portable pellet grill for the best outdoor cooking experience which will also save you time, money and effort.

Cooking area

An ample cooking surface allows you to cook a large meal or multiple dishes at once to save time and money on pellets and ingredients. Some models have removable racks to create additional space and warming racks to keep the cooked food hot. Others feature shelves for storing ingredients and utensils.

Temperature range

pg24sg_5Different types of food and meal preparations require different levels of temperature. Check the range of available temperature to confirm that the potential model can accommodate your intended type of cooking.

Searing meat requires very high temperature which, in pellet grills with low maximum temperature, can only be achieved by adding a sear box.

Hopper capacity

The hopper holds the hardwood pellets which are then automatically fed into the furnace by an auger at the rate that matches and maintains the selected temperature.

Large capacity accommodates plenty of pellets which can fuel the pellet grill for an extended time without requiring refilling. This is convenient when cooking at high temperature which can quickly deplete the pellets.


The essence of a portable model is to be able to move it from one place to another easily. The size of your pellet grill will depend on where you intend to use it, the amount of food to be prepared and the space available. If you are always on the move, Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill would be a sensible choice to take on your trips because it can be easily packed and set up in a restricted space. On the other hand, if you frequently host large parties, you will most likely need a larger pellet grill with ample cooking area and a roomy hopper, like those on the Camp Chef SmokePro PG24SG. Models with foldable legs can be collapsed into smaller sizes for storage.


Weight is a significant determinant of the portability of your pellet grill. A heavy grill is likely to be a baggage if you intend to travel with it on your excursions. The models on our list vary in weight, but they are all portable and optimized for outdoor cooking, both at home and away.

Wi-Fi remote controls

They provide a convenient way to monitor your cooking from a distance using your smartphone so you can focus on interacting with your guests or on other outdoor activities. For instance, Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill has Wi-Fi and GMG server connectivity which works remotely in conjunction with an app downloaded on your phone to switch the smoker on or off, set a cooking timer and change the temperature. It also allows you to save your favorite cooking profiles.

Wheels and handles

PPG20-3To improve mobility, some models like the 103-pound Cuisinart CPG-4000 are equipped with handles and caster wheels which can roll smoothly on all surfaces and lock in place when the pellet grill is in usage or in storage.


Majority of portable pellet grills have a warranty of one to three years, depending on the brand and model. Some manufacturers offer a specific money back guarantee period so you can get a feel of the product prior to making a lasting commitment. For example, Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E comes with a 30-day money back guarantee in addition to a warranty of three years.

Extra featuresWhy-Buy-A-Traeger-Grill-Traeger-Tailgater-Pellet-Grill-and-Smoker-Portable-Grill

  • Materials used: Since portable pellet grills are designed for the outdoor environment, most of them are made of strong stainless steel or powder-coated steel which is resistant to rust and heat fluctuations in cold weather while the metal grills are coated with non-sticky porcelain. Look for material that can withstand natural elements and the harsh outdoor nature.
  • Temperature controls: They have sensors which maintain the set temperature for consistency to prevent your food from undercooking or burned. Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E can maintain the temperature within ten degrees of the selected setting.
  • LED readouts: They display notification alerts and digital feedback based on the selected settings, such as the current internal temperature of the meat and the set timer.
  • Meat probe: It allows you to instantly check the internal temperature of the cooking meat without having to remove the lid.
  • Ash cleanout system: This is a patented feature found in Camp Chef models, such as Camp Chef SmokePro PG24SG and Camp Chef Pursuit PPG20. The ash is collected in a cup for convenient disposal.
  • Versatile cooking: Cuisinart CPG-4000 and Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E offer six and eight different cooking functions respectively. These include grill, char-grill, smoke, roast, sear, bake, braise, and barbeque capabilities.
  • Auto auger: It automatically feeds the furnace with pellets to maintain the set temperature.
  • Auto ignition: An efficient feature which speeds up the startup process.
  • Power options: A variety of power options provide greater flexibility in usage of the portable pellet grill, especially when on an outdoor trip. Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill comes with an AC adapter, two alligator clips and a plug which you can plug it into a car or battery pack to power it on the move.


Keep the pellet grill dry to protect the internal electronic components and prevent the disintegration of pellets which can cause blockage in the augur. Vacuum out the ash and clean the grill grates with a brush before cooking to remove food residue and grease stains which could alter the flavor of your next meal. Place a tin foil on the drip tray to trap grease. Wait for 24 hours after cleaning before cooking again. Lastly, use a grill cover for additional protection from external elements.

A pound of pellets lasts an hour, on average. However, ambient temperature, cooking temperature, PID controllers, cooking frequency, type of hardwood in pellets, and external insulation of the grill directly impact the rate of pellet consumption.

Our Verdict

Z GRILLS ZPG-7002E takes the first spot as the best portable pellet grill by combining eight cooking functions with a generous cooking area and a large hopper which can fuel the furnace nonstop for up to 20 hours.

Various processes like ignition, temperature control, and pellet feeding have been automated to improve accuracy and increase efficiency.

The versatility provided by multiple heat options, innovative cleanout systems, and user-friendly controls appeals to both beginners and experts and solidifies Camp Chef SmokePro PG24SG’s second position as the best portable pellet smoker.

Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Pellet Grill is a budget pick you can bank on. The compact model features an extensive range of temperature and Wi-Fi connectivity which lets you control the grilling remotely using an app on your smartphone. You can power the grill in your car, with a generator, or battery pack. We love the low pricing, convenient remote control and power options.

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