How to Remove a Propane Tank from the Grill?

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Last updatedLast updated: March 23, 2021
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With a pandemic forcing us to stay indoors more than we ever imagined we’ll need to, fun indoor activities have become a go-to therapy for most people. Healthy grilling and backyard barbecues come as amazing indoor activities that are both fun and tempting. You’ll love to savor the intense flavor and exquisite taste that well-grilled meats and vegetables offer. Thankfully, gas grills exist today to make any grilling session easier and better. However, these grills are pretty expensive; hence, the need to learn how to remove the propane tank from the grill for a refill or repair instead of changing the whole grill.
For a start, doing this can seem a bit too technical, but a clear knowledge of the best steps involved will help you get around it quickly. With a good gas grill and an understanding of the right steps, you should be able to pull it off. Here’s a step by step guide on how to disconnect a propane tank from the grill to help you find your way around.

1. Turn off the Gas

How to Remove a Propane Tank from the Grill?The first step to doing any repair on any gas grill is to make sure your gas grill is properly turned off. To turn off the gas, you’ll need to locate the metal knob present on the propane tank and turn it all the way to the right side until it gets tight enough. This way, you’ve successfully turned the gas off. Turning the gas off is an essential safety tip every gas grill owner should know.

2. Unhook the Gas Line

How to Remove a Propane Tank from the Grill?Once the gas is safely turned off, it’s time to unhook the gas line. Most of the gas grills available in today’s market contain specific instructions for unhooking the gas line. However, if you can’t find detailed instructions, here’s how to go about it. Locate the position where the black rubber hose connects to the grill to remove it safely. You can do this by firmly gripping and turning the connector valve to the end until it is completely loose and ready to be taken off.

Apart from saving you cost, learning how to remove the propane tank from your grill safely can help ensure the safety of your family and properties.

3. Remove the Tank

How to Remove a Propane Tank from the Grill?With the glass line properly unhooked, it’s time to take the tank off. Whether you are taking your tank off for routine maintenance or complete change, you’ll need to maintain all safety protocols. Unlike before, you can now be sure when your gas is finished before taking down its tank for refill or repair. Several types of gauges from well-known manufacturers now exist for keeping track of your gas supply. One product that our experts recommend for domestic and commercial gas grill users of the Char-Broil Universal Propane Tank Gauge. This gauge offers individual readings for hot, cold, and chilly days. You can also use it to keep track of the gas level in your new tank before reinstallation.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are using your propane gas grill for domestic or commercial grilling, knowing how to remove the propane tank from the grill can help save money and time during routine maintenance. It would also help to make the process of changing your propane gas tank easier. Unfortunately, not every user knows how to remove a propane tank from the grill safely. However, with the steps reviewed in this guide, you should be able to handle the removal of the propane tank from your grill. As explained earlier, getting a good propane tank gauge, such as the universal model from Char-Broil, will not only offer you a means to properly read your gas level, but it’ll also help you know when to start thinking of removing the propane gas tank.

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