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Last updated: September 03, 2021

Kamado Joe Classic III Review

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Last updated: September 03, 2021
LilGrill is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here
Ideal for
  • Frequent grillers and large meals
  • Those who need a grill and a smoker two-in-one
  • Those who just start grilling and need an easy-to-use model, with the potential to upgrade their skills
Key features:
  • SloRoller hyperbolic chamber and multi-tier cooking system
  • Consistent temperature and cooking results
  • Outstanding durability
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  • Cooking area 9.9
  • Ease of use 9.6
  • Portability 9.2
  • Warranty 9.7
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LilGrill is reader-supported. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. Learn more about our process here

Grilling is more than just cooking. Grilling is about experimenting, experiencing, and having fun. More so, it lets you play with fire, quite literally. So, if you are a grilling enthusiast and enjoy staying close to your ancestral roots of cooking on open fires, then this Kamado Joe Classic III review is a must read for you.

Kamado Joe is one of the leading manufacturers of top-of-the-line grills. With a wide variety of cooking ranges, the Classic line has some impressive and highly coveted options. The Kamado Joe Classic III is a new and improved model that is worth raving about.

It features excellent additions like it offers a larger cooking area and more efficient smoking with a built-in, rather than separately purchased SloRoller hyperbolic chamber. Moreover, it also features an updated cart that is heavy-duty, as well as a charcoal basket that is made from sturdy stainless steel.

So, without further ado, let’s consider each and every part of the Kamado Joe Classic III, along with the pros and cons that will help you determine if this is the right grill for you.


Grilling, searing, roasting, baking, smoking
Total cooking area
18” in diameter (256 sq. in), 510 sq. in. with Divide & Conquer
Temperature range
225°F to 750°F
Grill grate material
Stainless steel
46.5 (W) x 50.5 (H) x 30 (D) inches
262.5 lbs
Lifetime on ceramic parts, 5-year on metal parts, 3-year on pizza stone and heat deflector, 1-year on gasket and thermometer

Kamado Joe Classic III Grill Review

The Kamado Joe Classic III is a modern ceramic charcoal grill, with highly advanced features. It has the SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber insert that utilizes cyclonic airflow technology to channel the right amount of heat and smoke, resulting in an exquisite blend of just the right flavor and texture in your food. It puts other ceramic grills to shame.

The model also offers a larger cooking space, with its patented design of a 3-tier divide and conquer cooking system. This allows you to prepare different foods at different temperatures simultaneously! This feature not only allows versatility but also saves time.

The grill has new user-friendly features, like a lightweight dome and easy to control temperature range. Needless to say, the Kamado Joe Classic III is a revolutionary grill that offers excellent new features, bettering your grilling experience!

Overall Performance and Functions

Kamado Joe Classic III Review

The first question most people ask before buying a grill is about the overall performance. This is because no extra fancy features can make up for poor performance. When it comes to the overall grilling experience, the Kamado Joe Classic III does not disappoint.

Kamado Joe grills are popular for their heat retention due to the thick and well-built ceramic walls. The Kamado Joe Classic III is no different, containing radiant heat better than any other grill we have reviewed. Moreover, you do not have to constantly check and control the temperature because the SlōRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber distributes heat and smoke evenly, keeping a steady temperature, without letting any heat go to waste.

The convection airflow enables the meat to cook evenly throughout and allows long and steady cooking while maintaining the juicy texture. The Kamado Joe Classic III allows you to cook perfectly tender, juicy, and smoky barbeque, without adding charcoal for the smoky flavor!

When it comes to fuel usage, a fully loaded charcoal basket is enough for a whole day of grilling burgers and steaks! The patented design allows all kinds of grilling. The open vents are perfect for making even uncommon foods for grills, such as a pizza, which is perfectly cooked at the bottom, with a layer of melted cheese on top!

Moving on to fast cooking recipes, like kebabs and thin patties, the Kamado Joe Classic III is still great! You can switch from slow and steady to high searing temperatures. This is held in by the conduction, making this model a versatile pick.

The design and functionality of the grill allow heat to penetrate and cook the meat in no time while keeping the meat tender and juicy.

Cooking Area

Perhaps the most impressive feature that the new Kamado Joe Classic has is its 3-Tier divide and conquer cooking. It is a patented flexible cooking system that can transform from a simple grill grate to a more elaborate cooking area.

The divide feature was first introduced in the Kamado Joe Classic II, with a split cooking system that has two half racks, which allow a larger cooking area. This feature single-handedly combatted one of the main downsides of kamado grilling.

The newest model took this feature a notch higher, with a multi-level half rack design that translates to unmatched versatility. This allows users to cook three different foods at different temperatures simultaneously, saving time and fuel!

With its large multi-tier cooking area, the Kamado Joe Classic III is the perfect grill for large parties and picnics. It’s also suitable for preparing a full elaborate spread of different meals using just one cooking tool.

Moving on from the design, the dimensions of the cooking area are about 61 cm in diameter, which can be split into three different cooking areas.

Moreover, the new shape gives you 6 half-moon cooking grates, along with 2 half-moon heat deflectors, and not to mention the SlōRoller hyperbolic chamber, which enables you to create different heat zones and prepare a variety of different meals.

Kamado Joe Classic III Review


Just like most kamado grills, the main fuel that this model uses is charcoal, which is the defining element of charcoal grills and kamado-style barbeque.

The Kamado Joe Classic lll comes with a dividable charcoal basket. This allows users to split the fuel distribution according to the different temperatures and foods.

The ashes produced by the burning charcoal are easy to clean up. The basket sifts through the ashes between the built-in bars, making it hassle-free and time saving. You can simply dispose of the ashes by sliding out the stainless steel ash drawer that collects all the ash and debris, once you are done cooking.

Moreover, the fuel consumption of this grill is excellent, with a full load of charcoal having an average burning time of 18 hours in regular weather conditions.


Construction is one of the most distinguishing features of the Kamado Joe Classic lll charcoal grill. The construction of this model is so well thought out that it puts all other grills and previous models to shame.

The exterior of the grill is a vibrant red color, with strategically designed side shelves that come with hooks for grilling utensils. The grill is supported by a stand that has two locking casters at the front. This makes it easier to move around, as well as keep in place while cooking. The design is innovative but easy to use.

The charcoal basket is made from stainless steel material, with a divider that lets users fill different amounts of fuel (charcoal) on either side of the divider, creating a dual-zone. This feature is more commonly known as Kamado Joe’s patented divide and conquer cooking system.

Another proprietary feature of the Kamado Joe Classic lll is the SlōRoller hyperbolic chamber. This feature efficiently transforms the grill into a smoker, giving your meals the perfect smoky flavor.

The construction of the SlōRoller is such that it circulates the air within the grill into a cyclonic ring around the grates, distributing the heat evenly, without creating any hotspots that end up burning your food from certain areas. You can easily remove the flexible smoker and place it underneath the grill, making for compact storage.

Ease of Use

This is one of the most self-explanatory cooking devices, with easy to understand controls. The grill works like all kamado grills, requiring a secure setup before use.

The grill is easy to assemble and once put together, all you need to do is add the charcoal, light it, and then place the cooking rack on top. Then you need to put the heat deflectors on and wait for the grill to reach your desired temperature.

Once the correct temperature is achieved, you can proceed to close the bottom vent and the top vent after 20 minutes of stabilizing the temperature and cooking with open vents. After your meal is perfectly grilled, you can clean the grill with a brush and dispose of the cooled ash from the slide-out ashtray at the bottom.

Temperature Consistency

The Kamado Joe Classic lll has an excellent feature called the Kontrol Tower that acts as a temperature control dial, allowing heat adjustment in the kamado grill. Moreover, the lid covers the grill, keeping harsh winds or snow from altering the temperature.

The Advanced Multi-Panel firebox is another great feature for temperature retention. It allows the ceramic firebox to expand and contract due to the change in temperature, without causing the ceramic grills to crack.

The wire mesh fiberglass gasket acts as a seal, preventing any heat from escaping the chamber and keeping the smoke trapped in for a flavorful meal. When it comes to temperature consistency, the convection airflow ensures that the temperature stays consistent throughout a long cook.

Ease of Cleaning

Kamado Joe Classic III Review

After using the grill, make sure to clean the interior and exterior properly. Cleaning the interior is fairly simple and easy. It features a self-cleaning oven that leaves no grease or residue on the grill and heat deflectors.

You can simply brush off the grill with a soft bristle brush once it has cooled down. When it comes to disposing of the ash, you are in luck because you will not have to separate the ash and coal.

The self-sifting mechanism of the coal basket naturally sifts ash, and you can simply take the slide-out ashtray and empty it in the trash, before wiping it with a clean washcloth.

Safety Features

The Kamado Joe Classic lll is a safe and user-friendly charcoal grill. It has safety features like the 2 locking swivel caster wheels that keep the cart steady while cooking, keeping it from rolling away.

Moreover, the covered ceramic firebox does not leave the burning coals out in the open, making the grill relatively safe to use around children.


The grill is easy to assemble and disassemble. The cart takes approximately 12 to 15 minutes to put together. It comes with an instructions manual that has clear guidelines as to how it should be assembled.

However, due to the heavyweight of the grill, you will need at least two people to lift the grill and place it on the cart. The assembled grill can now be rolled to different locations and the locking casters can be secured to hold the cart in place. For assembling the main body, follow the instructions closely in successive steps.

Place the ashtray first, then the firebox base and build the firebox around it, and finally place the charcoal basket. Once the basic parts are in place you can proceed to attach the Hyperbolic Chamber and the Divide and cooking system and finally the cooking grates.

Now that the grill is complete, you can add the deflector plates and foldable shelves with hooks. This entire process should take you an hour. The wheels at the front of the cart make the grill easily portable, however, transporting it to a new location will require dismantling and reassembling the grill.


The maintenance of the Kamado Joe Classic lll is easy and hassle-free. You simply need to dust off everything after use and the grill will be good for a long time. Make sure to store the grill properly when not in use because leaving it out on the patio or garden under the sun or harsh weather can damage the ceramic and steel construction.


The Kamado Joe Classic III comes with additional accessories, like a 3-tiered cooking rack, an accessory rack, two half-moon cooking grates, two half-moon heat deflectors, a slide-out ash drawer, and the SlōRoller smoker.

You can also fit additional four half-moon plates and two accessory racks to utilize the functionality of the Divide & Conquer cooking system. There are some additional accessories that you can buy to complement the Kamado Joe Classic lll and take your grilling experience a notch higher!

You can buy a cast iron cooking grate for additional grilling, a soapstone non-stick surface, a cast iron wok, a ceramic pizza stone, and many more to widen the range of your kamado grill.

Durability and Warranty

The ceramic body, with stainless steel and metal parts, makes for a sturdy and tough product. The grill is easy to maintain, therefore durable and long-lasting. It can considerably withstand harsh weather, however, it must be stored in a dry and shaded place to avoid premature damage.

The Kamado Joe Classic lll comes with a lifetime warranty for its ceramic parts, ensuring buyers that their investment is safe. Moreover, the metal parts have a 5-year warranty for damages or defects and the heat deflector comes with a 3-year warranty.

Lastly, the thermometer and gasket have a 1-year warranty. The good thing about the warranty is that the more expensive and irreplaceable parts have a long-term warranty, making for a promising purchase.

Key Features

Kamado Joe Classic III Review

We have considered all the great innovative features of the Kamado Joe Classic lll that make it better than other grills in the market. However, we cannot ignore the key features that make it a good kamado charcoal grill.

This new and revamped model is excellent for not just grilling, but searing, roasting, baking, and smoking as well. The two main key features are the patented smoker and a multi-tier cooking system, but also the excellent temperature controls and built-in thermometer.

Moreover, the weight and dimension of this model are 262.5 pounds and 46.5 (W) x 50.5 (H) x 30 (D) inches, respectively. This size makes it large and chunky to store, but the compact packing can reduce storage space.

Price Tag

Well, this is where most buyers back off! However, considering all the excellent features and innovations that this model contains, serious grillers and professionals would pay the hefty amount without a second thought. The retail price for this kamado grill is $1699.

Clearly, this model is not for people on a budget, or those who do not wish to pay an arm and a leg for a grill, however grilling enthusiasts who would milk the investment by using it frequently will not be deterred by the price of the Kamado Joe Classic lll.

The superior construction, user-friendly features, flexibility and innovation of use, and patented additions justify the price. Think of this as a long-term investment, especially if you are someone who hosts large barbeque parties and grills steaks and hamburgers for family and friends quite often.

In conclusion, it offers a great value for money, which you can only realize once you have experienced this grill.


  • Increased cooking areas and range with the Divide and Conquer Cooking System
  • Patented SloRoller Hyperbolic Smoke transforms grill into a smoker, offering versatility
  • Combats cracking from high heat, with the Advanced Multi-Panel firebox
  • Easy temperature control with the innovative Kontrol Tower Top Vent
  • Air Lift Hinge, 96% reduced dome weight
  • Safe and secure, stainless steel latch for sealing
  • Stainless steel charcoal basket, with dividers for manipulating charcoals, automatically sifting ash for easy and quick clean up
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Very expensive
  • The changing temperature takes longer than regular grills


Kamado Joe is without a doubt one of the best manufacturers of kamado grills, with its high innovation, user-friendly design, and high value for the price. The Classic series is a market stealer in kamados, with the newest Kamado Joe Classic lll being no different. The versatility and ease of use make this model better than the rest, acting as more than just a grill.

Our final verdict for this Kamado Joe Classic lll review would be to get the grill if your budget allows you! Rest assured that it will not disappoint!

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