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Since 2013 we have been helping our readers to sort out a huge range of grill and barbecue equipment the market is flooded with. We only choose what we would buy for ourselves or recommend to friends. Be sure to check out our expert advice section to improve your grilling skills and, also, don’t overlook our chef recipes to impress everyone at your next BBQ party. You and your guests will be delighted – we promise!
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BBQ recipes
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BBQ ideas
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BBQ Ratings
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Bruce Williams
Claims that grilling is the art that he has been learning all his life long and is not planning to stop. Has been grilling for as long as he can remember. Author of numerous online and offline grilling masterclasses runs his own BBQ accessories shop.
Marianne Brewer
Holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature, has a 5-year experience as an editor, and her own lifestyle blog. Often participates in our field tests to plunge deeper into each topic.
A dog, meat and water lover
James Curtis
Holds a Master’s degree in Linguistics, loves traveling and learning new languages. Fluent in Spanish, is learning French and Czech at the moment. Enjoys exploring national cuisines every time he visits new countries.

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