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Business PartnersWhere does all our food come from?

There are many wonderful businesses and groups that we have found in our community. Here we would like to share them with you and encourage you to check out their specialty in Harrisonburg. All bread products—wheat sub rolls; cinnamon swirl sourdough; wheat, white, and rye breads—are made by a local baker in Dayton, Virginia. Bagels are baked at a local bagel bakery. Free-range eggs come from a local poultry provider; meats are sourced locally. They source as much produce as they can from nearby businesses such as Muddy Bikes Urban Garden, Our Community Farm, and Radical Roots Community Farms.

Community ResourcesLocal Friends and Inspiration

Here are some people we have worked closely with and or have learned from. Take a look at what cool things are going on right in Harrisonburg, VA!
Avalon Farm
Harrisonburg Farmers’ Market
New Community Project Harrisonburg
Friendly City Food Coop
Community Mediation Center (The Fairfield Center)
Gesundheit Institute
Our Community Place
Birth Matters
Valley Conservation Council
Blue Ridge Energy
Harrisonburg Northend Greenway

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