Top 8 Wok Burners You Can Use Outdoors and Still Get Fantastic Results

We’ve selected the sturdiest and most reliable outdoor wok burners out there and reviewed each one in detail.
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Last updatedLast updated: October 20, 2021
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Not all wok burners will work out for you, even if they claim to be the best. If you are a beginner to wok cooking, you need to be particular about which burner you choose because that will shape your entire experience. Outdoor wok cooking can be a fantastic option for picnics, camping, and tailgating if the execution is satisfactory.

We want to help you pick the best outdoor wok burner on the market in case you are confused by the sheer number of choices. We went through tons of available models and then narrowed down our list after evaluating all of them. Important considerations for us when choosing the best outdoor wok burners for our list were size, durability, and ease of use. The burner must be of a manageable size if you are planning to carry it outdoors. Moreover, you should invest in a wok burner that will last you for years to come in spite of being exposed to outside weather.

Top 8 Outdoor Wok Burners Review 2021

  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 200,000
  • Dimensions: 19.25 x 19.25 x 27.5 in
  • Weight: 39.8 lbs.
  • Material: stainless steel

Extra features: 0-20 PSI CSA regulator and hose included; comes with a spanner and a hook for the hose; 360-degree windscreen

The ARC 615BS High-Pressure Propane Burner with Removable Wheels is an excellent option for those looking to cook a large amount at the same time. It offers a huge nine-inch dimension cooking area with the help of which you will be able to cater to a large number of people. You can use a large pot easily with this wok burner.

This wok burner is easy to use and highly portable. It has a moveable cart-wheels design with four wheels. The stand comes with detachable legs that will allow for easy storage. You can carry it with yourself while you are going camping or tailgating. It can easily fit in an RV and is the perfect option for all types of parties.

This outdoor wok burner combines a traditional model with a modern approach. There is a complete 360-degree windscreen that provides protection in windy conditions.

The burner comes with a high-pressure system at 200,000 BTU/h, which makes it suitable for cooking or frying. There is an adjustable 0-20 PSI “CSA” certificate regulator. The cast-iron build increases the durability of the burner, making it one of the best wok burners for outdoors.

Why is it special?

  • Since this outdoor wok burner is made with cast-iron, it is durable. The nine-inch dimension cooking area accommodates large pots so that you can cook for multiple people at the same time.

What are the flaws?

  • The packaging of the outdoor wok burner could be better. It might take some time to assemble the product.
  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 200,000
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 in
  • Weight: 24 lbs.
  • Material: iron

Extra features: 0-20 PSI CSA regulator and hose included; comes with a spanner, hook and connector

This ARC USA 4242S Outdoor High-Pressure Cast-Iron wok burner is built with heavy-duty cast iron that makes it durable and sturdy. It comes with a welded steel frame and has wide-set legs so that it can remain stable on the ground. The stand is constructed with reinforced steel and is supported by a large formatted base for a strengthening effect.

This is a single propane burner that supports a high-pressure system measured at 200,000 BTU/h. If you are on the hunt for the perfect burner for outdoor cooking and frying, this might just be the one for you. You will find that it is incredibly easy to transport this burner from one place to another. Feel free to use the propane gas burner for camping, tailgating, and parties. Your outdoor cooking experience will be enhanced because of the side windshields that keep the wind from hitting the flame.

You can get the most out of this cast iron propane burner by using it in conjunction with barbecue grills, turkey fryer pots, and other utensils. It comes with a 47-inch steel braided hose and a 20 PSI “CSA” regulator.

Why is it special?

  • The 200,000 BTU high-pressure system is versatile, and you will be able to cook anything you want with ease. The construction is highly durable, and the burner always stays stable on the ground.

What are the flaws?

  • The customer service could be better for the product. It should also be maintained carefully or else there is a chance it might fall apart.
  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 200,000
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 12.25 in
  • Weight: 27.5 lbs.
  • Material: metal, cast iron

Extra features: adjustable air control panel; comes with a 0-20 PSIregulator and hose

The GasOne Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove is a heavy-duty burner that is ideal for brewing, fishing, outdoor cooking, and camping. The portable design makes it easy to carry it from one place to another. Made with cast iron, it has a sturdy and durable design. Built to endure high temperatures, you can use this burner for a long period of time, which makes it an excellent investment.

The burner comes with a fully adjustable heat-control regulator knob. You will get a high heat output that will allow you to cook a multitude of dishes. This high-pressure burner gives an output of 200,000 BTU. As a result of this versatility, you will be able to cater to any party. You can carry it for camping, fishing, and picnics. It is one of the best wok burners for outdoors.

The burner has a 0-20 psi regulator with a steel-braided hose that manages the gas and pressure flow. There is an o-ring to reduce the chances of any gas leakage.

The frame of the burner is made with welded metal, which makes it strong and durable. The fully adjustable air control panel allows you to control the amount of oxygen entering the burner. This will let you be in charge of the fuel combustion efficiency.

What are our favorite features?

  • The burner has a strong metal frame that can tolerate high temperatures. The high pressure and high-temperature outputs let you cook different types of dishes with ease.

What could be better?

  • The regulator could have been more efficient. The absence of a side shield can be frustrating.

Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Propane BurnerBest Basic Wok Burner

  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 200,000
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x16.5 x 16.5 in
  • Weight: 32 lbs.
  • Material: cast iron

Extra features: comes with a CSA certified 20 PSI regulator, a hose, and a connector; detachable legs

The Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Propane Burner is built to last a lifetime, and you should definitely see it as an investment. Made with heavy-duty cast iron, this outdoor wok burner is unlikely to fall apart anytime soon. One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it comes with a weather-proof coating. This is especially important in an outdoor wok burner since it will be subjected to adverse weather conditions inevitably.

The burner is built to offer up to 200,000 BTU. It comes with a hose and connector for your convenience. There is a high-pressure CSA certified 20 PSI regulator that will allow you to control the burner the way you want to.

This burner is highly portable, which means you can carry it just about anywhere for any occasion. You will be able to store it easily since the stand has detachable legs. The wide and squared burner stand makes it stable on the ground. You can use larger cookware and cook for a small party when you use this oven.

What makes it stand out?

  • The detachable legs make it portable and easy to store. You can adjust the flame to become a clean-burning blue flame that will not turn your cookware black. The burner head gives you an even flame so that you do not have to deal with hot and cold spots, making it one of the best outdoor propane burner for wok.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The heat output can be weak at times. The regulator, hose and connector tend to malfunction if not used properly.

King Kooker 24WC 12 Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker with WokBest Wok Burner for Deep Frying

  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 54,000
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 18.5 x 8 in
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Material: steel

Extra features: LP hose included; regulator with Type 1 connector; deep-fry thermometer; flame-protective wind guard

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor wok burner for camping and hiking, then this might just be the one for you. The King Kooker 24WC 12″ Portable Propane Outdoor Cooker will let you have an amazing cooking experience every time. You will find it incredibly easy to cook all the dishes you love.

This propane outdoor cooker is portable, which means that you can carry it with yourself when traveling. The 24-inch bolt-together frame is strong and sturdy. You will have no problem setting it up for use. The burner comes with a recessed top ring that will allow you to place an 18-inch steel wok securely. You will be able to cook a large amount at a time. Offering 54,000-BTU, this is a CSA-certified cast burner that comes with an extensive set of recipes.

The burner has a wind guard that prevents the flame from dying down in adverse weather conditions. You will also find the deep-fry thermometer very useful. The even distribution of the heat reduces the chances of the food burning. You can use this wok burner for frying, boiling, searing, and whatnot.  You do not have to fear leakage because the construction is excellent.

What stands out?

  • Made with cast iron and steel, this wok burner can accommodate an 18" Steel Wok. The wind guard helps to protect the flame. It is highly portable.

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The wok should have better quality control. Assembling the burner can be confusing.

Goplus Outdoor Camp StoveMost Portable

  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 100,000
  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 17 in
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Material: cast iron

Extra features: detachable legs; overvoltage protection; adjustable output; CSA authenticated valve

The Goplus Outdoor Camp Stove is made with touch cast iron and is sturdy enough for outdoor use. It comes with detachable legs, which means that you can store it in a small space when it is not in use. Moreover, you will also be able to adjust the height of the stove and nail your perfect cooking posture. The stove is also portable and can be carried from one place to the other in your car.

What makes this stove truly unique is that it has a special powder coating that makes it waterproof. It also does not rust over time. You can set up this stove with no hassle and continue your cooking. It is a single but powerful burner with a formidable cast-iron head. You can get an output of up to 100000. You can control the heat to ensure that your food is properly cooked.

With this burner, you will be able to cook a variety of dishes using multiple utensils. The burner bracket design makes this stove extremely versatile. The heat adjustable CSA-certified regulator is safe to use. Whether you want to cook, grill or boil, this stove will get the job done efficiently.

What are its best features?

  • Made with iron, this stove is durable and sturdy. It has a high heat output that you can control. The detachable legs make it easy to store and carry. This stove remains functional in spite of adverse weather.

What could be improved?

  • The paint showed a peeling tendency, while the powder coating is not very long-lasting. Better quality control is required. You will also have to buy a wok rack separately.
  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 65,000
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 36 in
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Material: carbon steel

Extra features: comes with a wok, propane gas regulator, hose, spatula and spoon utensils; adjustable legs; 12-inch AccuZone thermometer

The Eastman Outdoors Outdoor Gourmet 22-Inch Carbon Steel Wok Kit is everything you need to enhance your wok cooking experience. This propane burner comes with a 22-inch deep-dish wok made with carbon steel. You will also find a stainless steel wok spoon and spatula inside.

If you are going to cook temperature-sensitive dishes, you will appreciate the 12-inch AccuZone thermometer that will allow you to maintain the proper temperature. The kit comes with a propane gas regulator and hose for your convenience. The adjustable legs of the oven let you find the perfect height for your stove so that you can be comfortable when cooking. You will also find it easy to store and carry.

Guaranteeing safety, stability, and efficiency, this burner offers 65,000 BTU, which lets you cook in a variety of ways. It burns hotter and clearer than most other ovens. It also does not use a lot of propane, making it an economical product. It is one of the best outdoor propane burner for wok.

Why did it make our list?

  • This burner has been specially designed to accommodate the requirements of a wok. The kit comes with professional-grade equipment and is perfect for tailgating and camping. It is sturdy and durable.

What is not ideal about it?

  • The quality of the wok could be better. Assembling the stove can prove to be tough.
  • Fuel type: propane
  • BTUs: 160,000
  • Dimensions: 11.42 x 10.63 x 2.44 in
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Material: cast iron

Extra features: 32 brass tips; 3/4-inch gas pipe inlet

The DuraSteel Propane Gas Jet Burner gives you a high heat output so that you can cook whatever dish you want without any hassle. Offering up to 160,000 BTU, the stove can run on low pressure and accommodate many cooking styles.

Constructed with strong and sturdy cast iron, this jet burner is durable. You can use it indoors and outdoors without any worries.

The presence of 32 nozzles makes this burner fast and efficient no matter where you are. The burner uses natural gas as fuel.  The even heat distribution ensures that your food does not burn even if you speed up the process. The design allows for the maximum heat output. You will feel like a professional when you use this model to create the most amazing dishes.

This jet burner is highly portable, weighing only 3 kgs. You can carry it in your car and van easily. The adjustable regulator allows you to be in charge of your cooking. This model is safe to use since the construction is immaculate. You can use a regulator to control the fire.

What do we love it for?

  • This jet burner offers 160,000 BTU heat output that allows you to experiment with different types of cooking. This burner is super versatile and efficient, making it almost professional-grade. The 32 brass nozzles distribute heat evenly without getting damaged in the process.

What were we disappointed with?

  • The nozzles are prone to break. You need to be careful about handling the burner.

Things to Consider

Are you on the hunt for the perfect wok burner? We have compiled this buying guide to help you select the best model for your requirements.

How does a wok burner work?

A wok burner is essentially a high pressure cooking tool that you can use if you want to cook in woks. Giving a massive amount of heat in a rather short period of time, a wok burner lets you try different cooking methods like deep drying, searing and steaming with ease. It takes a while to get used to cooking with such a high flame or high pressure, but some practice is enough to make your technique perfect. If you have ever wanted to cook delicious Asian dishes in a deep wok, a burner is definitely worth checking out. Make sure that you select a burner that is compatible with the type of wok you want to use. Setting up a wok burner outdoors is relatively easy.

Features to consider when choosing a wok burner

There are some considerations to make when you are choosing a wok burner.

Do all outdoor wok burners use propane?

Top 8 Wok Burners You Can Use Outdoors and Still Get Fantastic ResultsWok burners can run on three different types of fuel sources- propane, liquid fuel and butane.

As it happens, propane wok burners are generally the most popular because they burn clean and are easy to use. Propane also happens to be more accessible than the other fuel options. We have only chosen wok burners that run on propane so you can have access to versatile cooking options. In case, you are looking for a wok burner that can also function on natural gas, you should look for a model that supports dual sources of fuel instead of relying on natural gas completely.

Size and capacity

The size of the wok burner is an important consideration if you are going to use it doors. Ideally, it should be compact and lightweight so that you can carry it easily. The height is also an important consideration because shorter burners don’t allow for the best cooking. A wok burner should at least be 12 inches in height to provide the correct airflow, maintain stability and be comfortable for you. A wok burner should give at least 40,000 BTUs so that your food cooks quickly. The ARC 615BS High Pressure Propane Burner with Removable Wheels offers a whopping 200,000 BTUs so that you have evenly cooked, delicious food. Having a high temperature output at your disposal will allow you to experiment with various cooking styles.

What is included

Your expectations from the wok burner should depend on your budget. If you just want a basic wok burner, you will only get accessories that are essential for setting it up. For fancier cooking accessories, you should go for a wok cooking kit like the Eastman Outdoors Outdoor Gourmet Big Kahuna 22-Inch Carbon Steel Wok Kit. A model like the ARC USA 4242S Outdoor High-Pressure Cast-Iron Propane Gas Cooker comes with a spanner, hook, and connector. Some wok burners also come with regulators that allow you to control the heat and pressure output for your dish. Many wok burners do not come with woks and wok racks, so you have to buy them separately.

Materials and durability

Top 8 Wok Burners You Can Use Outdoors and Still Get Fantastic ResultsIf you want an outdoor wok burner, you will presumably be traveling with it. Strength and durability are important factors that you should consider. The material with which the burner is made will determine whether it will be sturdy. Most burners are made from stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron, and aluminum. These materials are durable and resistant to heat damage. Carbon steel wok burners need to be painted properly to reduce the chances of rusting. You might find cast iron to be on the heavier side, but the burner will be strong. Since wok burners are long-term investments, you should not overlook their durability. The Concord Deluxe Banjo Single Propane Burner and the Goplus Outdoor Camp Stove are made with cast iron, which make them perfect for outdoor cooking.


The dimensions of wok burners are of importance because they will determine their overall size. Portability is definitely something to look for in a wok burner so that you can travel with it. The length and width of the burner should be designed to fit inside a car or a van easily. The height is one of the most important things to look at when it comes to dimensions. Your wok burner should not be less than 12 inches in height or else you will be risking poor airflow and badly cooked food. This height is also essential for the burner to remain stable. If the burner of your choice has adjustable legs, do be careful when you are setting it up.

Weight, in case you need a portable unit

If you want a wok burner to cook amazing food during your camping and tailgating trips, then you should ensure that the model you purchase is easy to carry. Portable outdoor wok burners should be lightweight so that you do not have to give a lot of effort when handling it. Some models like the ARC 615BS High Pressure Propane Burner even come with wheels to increase portability. If you want to be sure about how portable a burner is, check its weight before anything else. The DuraSteel Propane Gas Jet Burner weighs just 3 kgs which makes it a great choice for trips. The Goplus Outdoor Camp Stove weighs just 13 pounds.

Ease of use and extra features

Well-designed wok burners are usually safe and easy to use. In some cases, you might have to assemble the burner from scratch but you will not find it difficult as long as you follow the instructions. If you want a great cooking experience, keep an eye out for extra features offered by wok burners. For example, ARC 615BS High Pressure Propane Burner comes with a windscreen to protect the flames. On the other hand, the Eastman Outdoors Outdoor Gourmet 22-Inch Carbon Steel Wok Kit comes with a thermometer that you can use when deep frying.


The warranty offered with a wok burner should be a crucial consideration if you plan to use the product for a long time in the future. Some companies replace damaged components for free or replace the burner altogether under warranty, while others do not such lucrative deals. Check out the warranty period before making the purchase.

Wok cooking tips

Top 8 Wok Burners You Can Use Outdoors and Still Get Fantastic ResultsOnce you have access to a wok burner, it is now time to bust out the utensils and get to work. If you are new to the world of outdoor wok cooking, these following tips will help you out:

  • Season your utensil every time you are cooking so that food doesn’t stick on the surface. The food should be able to move easily in the wok or it could affect the flavor.
  • Finding the right wok for your burner can make all the difference. The bottoms and handles of different types of woks make a difference in the way your dish is cooked. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • The right oil can make or break your recipe. Since you will be cooking at high temperatures, opt for an oil that has a high smoke point.
  • There is a common misconception that wok burners are only good for stir frying. In fact, you can use wok burners to sear meat, grill steaks, deep-fry and even boil stews.
  • Do not be afraid to increase the temperature when you are cooking. After all, you are using a wok.
  • Use a wok spoon or spatula when cooking so that all your ingredients are mixed well.


In most cases, the manufacturer of the burner will inform you about the wok sizes you can use with it. However, if that is not the case, you will have to measure the available cooking space of the burner and then match it with the dimensions of the wok. Big woks usually require burners that are especially tailored for them.

Yes, you definitely can. However, the thing to remember is that not all burners offer this flexibility. You will find certain burner models that are equipped to work with both a 1 lb propane tank and a 20-pound propane tank depending on what is available. If you want this versatility, check the model before purchase.

Make sure that you disassemble the outdoor wok burner if you know that you will not be using it for a while. Some burners also come with detachable legs. Store the burner in a cool and dry place without cramping. Clean it from time to time to prevent prolonged dust accumulation.

Our Verdict

All the outdoor wok burners on our list are impressive, but we should mention our favorites.

The ARC 615BS High-Pressure Propane Burner with Removable Wheels offers 200,000 BTUs and has a sturdy stainless steel frame. It is durable but portable. Feel free to carry it wherever you travel. The 360-degree windscreen prevents the wind from extinguishing the flame so that your cooking is undisturbed.

The ARC USA 4242S Outdoor High-Pressure Cast-Iron Propane Gas Cooker offers 200,000 BTUs as well. The strong iron construction makes it an excellent contender for a long-term investment. It comes with all the accessories you will need to set it up.

The GasOne Square Heavy- Duty Single Burner Outdoor Stove gives you 200,000 BTUs. It has an adjustable air control panel so that you have the ultimate control over your food.

Now that you know how to select the best outdoor wok burner, which model will you choose?

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